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April 2nd 2007
Published: August 8th 2007
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Sunrise. . .Sunrise. . .Sunrise. . .

Wrong side of another day. . . .

The next day was a day off. Up early to catch the magnificent sunrise from our balcony, pastel colours slowly exploding across the sky & reflecting delicately in the ocean. Back to bed around half past six for a lie in 'till nine.

Spent the day lounging by the pool soaking up the rays. Sundays are usually a bit lively at the Jungle Club as the day trippers come up the hill for the day. Met a chap called Dan, who was staying in one of the bungalows here. Dan was from Chippenham, he seemed to be kind of stuck there until his trousers came back from Krabi. It appeared all of Dans' possessions had gone away in a friends car for a holiday & he'd missed the boat. The boys at the Jungle were looking after him though, giving him a tab to run up & even a motorbike to hack about on until his wallet came back. Dan was a shoplifter or shopfitter or maybe chop-tifter, working 9 months of the year then buggering off somewhere groovy for a break.


Despite doing very little all day, the evening still ended up
Top NoshTop NoshTop Nosh

Teachng the Humans how to eat properly
being a late smokin' booze session, wobbling off to bed at our luxury lodge at something daft o'clock but, before that - the wonderful MR IT the owner of Jungle Club serviced my Mum in a culinary sense...ie, she suggested that the so called broccolli leafs found in England -but taste so tasty in Thai Land-can be construed as asparagus!!! and bugger me...he knew what she meant.!..he is after all married to a French CHIQUE French lady who knows her food and hospitality...anyway - to cut to the chafe/chase never quite sure which it is, depending upon which field or country you are abiding, oh ..........I digress.....MR IT requested ,in a short command to the lingering and stoned chef that Mums' desires and tastes should be adhered to as a guest of his noble Esplanade /Thai palace; and I did not have any complaints, or rather Mum did not....... see the photo evidence....the chef had managed to discover the youngest asparagus, 1000ft up from the beach and although he did not produce the hollandaise she requested, she managed to consume a wonderful butter and black pepper sauce - asparagus, followed by fresh fish cooked simply and marvellously! AAGill, eat your
Got . . .  to . . . keep . . . going. . . . . . . . Must . . . stay  . . awake. . . . . Got . . .  to . . . keep . . . going. . . . . . . . Must . . . stay  . . awake. . . . . Got . . . to . . . keep . . . going. . . . . . . . Must . . . stay . . awake. . . . .

Must . . . . . call . . . . . .International . . . . Rescue. . . .
heart out........ this is the place.....who needs sauces when you have the fresh ingredients to melt your tastebuds and your heart and soul !?

Pudding........................ was sat with Jack the Barman and minehost MR IT (great human), palm trees with the full moon lighting our way back to the bungalow ....the best evening, the most beautiful food, company, views and even as a simple monkey: I could tell that Mum and Dad were really happy, in fact - so happy ...............................they left me on the hammock all night and and I got quite scared 'cos Mum told me that she had had seen a black squirrel that morn on the decking.....needless to say I got my revenge and woke them at an honest munkey time at 5.30am sunrise-after all she had been getting up very early for days....why did she complain on this day?! I will never understand human females...Dad agreed with me also and so we dumped her for a while to venture out to the "bar area" and find "Jack the Man" and encourage the SE Asia people that sliced porchen in bread with HP sauce is really good for humans and simians...bacon sarnies to me
Breakfast With Dan. . . Breakfast With Dan. . . Breakfast With Dan. . .

Surprisingly articulate!
and you!!!!Hey Hey!!

Brekkie with Dan, who was in two minds as to what to do with himself. Today being Full Moon Party night on Ko Phangan, he was torn between missing the best night of his winter break - and only having a fiver to his name. We zipped off at 10 to go rent a posh 4x4. Dan as it turned out sold his phone for 3000 baht, bought another for 1500, hence had over 20 quid spare to grab a boat ride over to the Full Moon do.

We never saw Dan again.

Mr M ;-)


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