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April 1st 2007
Published: August 8th 2007
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Jungle Club: The hang out for the discerning semi evolved simian. . .

The last day at Bans was fun. They went off early to do the water stuff, I stayed in watching the tv with my new friend Davina the cat. We found a Bhuddist cable channel that showed classic old stuff. Mostly re-runs of The Monkees. We enjoyed a documentary about a young lad who had been sponsored by a well known mobile phone network to join a monastery in Dharamsala. It was called "The Future's Bright - The Future's Orange". But my personal favourite was a game show with a twist. "Bhuddist Wheel Of Fortune". Similar to the format I've seen before except in this version, the winner gets to come back next week - as something else!!

The dive stuff was pretty cool apparently. More mucking about with the fishies, a bit deeper this time - down to 50 feet. They had a man with flippers & a big camera who filmed it too. The movie turned out to be really cool, zany goings on in a completely surreal other world.

They were back at lunchtime. Gibbering at me & waving their new diving licences in me fizzog. I tried to show a
To The Infinity  Pool - & Beyond!To The Infinity  Pool - & Beyond!To The Infinity Pool - & Beyond!

1000ft up a mountain. You can see the curvature of the Earth, not a bad spot to sup on a Singha. . . .
little interest but they kept standing in front of the telly. Out for celebratory cocktails at various bars along Sairee in the afternoon. Popped into the bar at the Seashell Dive Resort joint for a nibble, run by Michelle (from York - of course). Top set up there, a really friendly bunch too. May give them a try next year once I've done my Munkey Bubblemaker course. Took in some more fire eating/juggling/lobbing & had good stare at the Milky Way. It was three days before full moon & a very clear night. Patrick Moore would love this!

Up at 8 the next morning. Dad popped down to the 7-11 for a paper & a tin of tuna for Davina, who had kind of moved in with us, looking for somewhere to pop out her impending fresh batch of kittens. Mum did the packing. She's very good. Pick up truck taxi ride down to Mae Haad for the 10am catamaran back to Samui. A very busy boat indeed. Most were the young people off to the Full Moon Party. They got off after an hour, so the last leg from Phangan to Samui was fairly empty. We
Don't Do It Munkey!!!Don't Do It Munkey!!!Don't Do It Munkey!!!

The view from The Jungle Club is to die for. . .
were heading back to The Jungle Club.

Eventually sorted the lift up the mountain. The place hadn't changed at all in the five days since we were last here. Except now there were a few brave barefooted men building a sala on stilts jutting over the cliff edge. Health & Safety would have a fit over here. I chilled in the hammock, taking in the fantastic view from the balcony of our lodge. They read by the pool. Actually, a combination of 40 degree sunshine & a lack of any form of sunscreen left them more Red by the pool.

Simon swung by in the evening. We all shot down to Tropical Murphys in Chaweng around eleven to watch the Mighty Chelsea trounce the not so mighty Watford & have fish & chips. And then a jaunt down to the parrallel universe that is Soi Green Mango at 2am. Felt a little like being on the set of Blade Runner. Being amongst a variety of such strange beings, from hybrid ladyboys to cute tiny kids selling flowers accompanied by intensely pulsating very loud sounds from the open walled dance clubs up the lane. Hurt
I Left My Heart. . . . .I Left My Heart. . . . .I Left My Heart. . . . .

In Sam(francisco)Ui
my ears a bit but a good time was had by all.

Zebedee calls bedtime at 02.45.

Mr M. :-0


5th October 2007

That hammock looks excellent - we will have to put Thailand on our "to see" list!! Keep cool, ziggy and little monkey.

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