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March 25th 2007
Published: August 8th 2007
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Samui (Occasionally) BobSamui (Occasionally) BobSamui (Occasionally) Bob

This guy was Health & Safety Officer at Mr Ungs. Not fond of bananas. Strange lad. . . . . More in the next blog about him.
Made it to Thailand.

Safe, sound & somewhat sticky despite getting off to a bit of a disastrous start.

Plan A was all going very well. Dropping off the small human at the home of the grandparents on Thursday night gave the keepers the opportunity to pop into the local for a swift one at 9 o'clock. This would have been fine if it had not turned into a swift several, rolling home at one thirty in the morning, bladdered.

I heard the alarm going off at 3. They did not.

Again at 4. They slept.

At 5.20 The noise created by Eddie the Cabbie banging on the back door was enough to wake the neighbours.

Not my lot.

37 minutes after the check in desk at Manchester closed my dosey companions woke (35 miles from where they were supposed to be) with a bit of a start. I remember the words FUCK FUCK FUCK & BOLLOX being used more than usual.

Plan B then.

Dad called the airport, then the airline & issued a challenge to test their customer service skills. The 1st response was not too good. Missing a flight is something that airlines expect. 10% of passengers fail to turn up for any given flight, so they cancel you & sell you another ticket at full price. This was going to cost sixteen hundred squids, if they could get us on the only other seats out of the country this week, 8pm from Heathrow. Mum cried a bit. She also phoned the credit card people & begged for a credit limit rise - which worked - but mostly she cried.

The airline were fantastic. They got us on that flight & only charged a tiny bit to re-route our tickets.

Etihad 10/10.

Took a train to London, a ride on the tube & got to Heathrow with plenty of time to spare.

The plane was brilliant. All shiny new with great big TV screens, top food & terrific service.

Got to Bangkok only 12 hours later than Plan A.

Mr M :-/


26th March 2007

Thank you for making me laugh on a grim Monday ... Glad you've arrived safely xxx
26th March 2007

the evil drink
dont drink and fly and have two alarm clocks have fun just got back fro spain late sat night very hot and pink all over love you

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