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January 3rd 2018
Published: January 7th 2018
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We scored a pretty nice location on Chewang Noi beach. Got a bungalow about 30 feet from the beach and right next to the dining room. This is probably a 3 star resort mostly due to the location. It’s older but in good shape. The dining area and bar are on the sand. The warm pool a hundred feet away. The free breakfast is good. Lots of choices. Marie had to show them how to cook her eggs. After trying to explain it for 5 minutes To a blank stare She grabbed the spatula out of the cooks hand and did it herself. Then had to fight off a Russian guy that wanted his eggs that way. Of course nobody understood anybody else due to languages. I kept out of the way. Somebody coulda gotten hurt.

We shopped on the walking street a couple times and bought the rest of our lost luggage items. Lots of heated haggling.

The next day went to Tesco which is a big Walmart with everything in Thai. The best pricing is there. We bought some stuff cheaper than the street side vendors withe huge selection And you are not dodging scooters. The streets are super narrow and people just stop wherever and block traffic. Just a nightmare to get anywhere

Weather was cloudy and rained a little for 2 days then clears up New Year’s Eve. Terrible night they had a guy with extremely loud speakers grinding out techno until 2am the worst part is he only had 1 song so we had to listen to that for 5 hours. Now I know why weapons are not allowed here even though there obviously justified in some circumstance. The rest of the time we searched out cool places to eat, laid by the pool and chilled out

Tomorrow we catch a Bangkok Airlines flight to Phuket Rent a car and head for Khaolak


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