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January 9th 2010
Published: January 11th 2010
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Woke at 9.30 very hot and very bothered, and in dire need of some H2O. Couldn't sleep so we went for breakfast, I opted for an American breakfast in the hope that it would soak up some alcohol. We watched Thai adverts in the cafe. One was promoting Skin Whitener and showed a lad looking more and more horrified each day that passed when his girlfriend became more tanned. They made his face look cartoonish so it was very entertaining, but it was basically implying that if you have a normal dark Thai skintone, then you're hideous. Adverts must be more controlled back home, as I've never seen one so insulting.
Slept off the remaining hangover. Me and Ellie have an ongoing joke about her OCD, so I laughed when she woke and said "right I'm going to get my things organised" - a statement she has said everyday this holiday. We walked down to Phi Phi beach and had a drink at 'Ibiza' bar. We saw cats with testicals the size of satsumas, which cant' be comfortable, and people watched for hours - who's gonna tell these guys that wearing boxers with swimming shorts is not a good look?!
Some Thai guys were packing away deckchairs in preparation for another beach party tonight. We've noticed how much younger all the Thai people are on this Island - the majority of the Thai blokes are all very slim with long black hair and covered in tattoos. They look like Ninja's!
We headed out for dinner at 7pm. Went to a place called Madame Resto and shared Thai salad and spring rolls, then both decided to be adventurous and try something different for our main. I had Barcuda and Ellie had Penang Curry, but it wasn't great - my Baracuda had loads of bones in it, which made me wary of swallowing one and causing a scene in such a busy place; and El's chicken tasted processed.
It started hammering it down and we had to run accross to the Internat cafe opposite, much to the ammusement of the other diners. Blogged and facebooked for a few hours then picked up some supplies from the 7/11 shop and headed back for a midnight feast. Before I fell asleep, I thought about the trip so far: the bright lights and busy streets of Bangkok; the fun times in Ko Phangan; the idealic beaches and fantastic varied nightlife in Ko Samui; the friendly family orientated island of Krabi; and the party atmosphere of Phi Phi. We had a brilliant night out in Phi Phi last night, but I couldn't help but think how pretentious it is here. I've loved the laid-back atmosphere of Thailand, so it's been a suprise to see the beach full of girls in frilly bikini's, sparkly wedges & full on make-up. I felt I was being judged, and compared to every girl there.
Nearly everyone on the Island is under 30: the Ninja's, the fire entertainers from last night, the Thai boxers & trainers, and all the tourists. Perhaps without the older generation and families to balance the society, it creates a fierce and competitive atmosphere. I read an interesting article in Glamour the other day on the subject of Reality TV and whether it's making us a generation of judges, who want to pick at peoples faults and rip them apart. If this is what it's like now, can you imagine what life will be like in another 20 years?


13th January 2010

Ahh Phi Phi
Hi girlies, loving the blog... you've done such a lot in a short time, you must be shattered? Still loads more to go though. Glad to hear you've finally got you're bag El, I bet you were buzzin :-) I'm gutted to hear that Phi Phi has gone all potentious, I've been there twice and it wasn't like that when I was there, I loved it. I think it may be to do with the Sunami, It was totally devastated and was hit on both sides of the beach, so when I first went there in 2005, there were people living in tin huts trying to rebuild their homes it was really sad and quite humbling, but I noticed the second time I went in 2007 that they had started to build loads of big housing blocks for the tourists and were forgetting about how beautiful it was when it was all forest down between the beaches and huts everywhere, maybe it's become way too commercialised and that just makes everything fake! Anyway ladies, keep having the time of your lives and keep safe. Lots of love. Steph xxx

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