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November 9th 2009
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Pre cut
Sawadee krap from the beautiful Ko Phi Phi!

Hello everyone, we've been having a great time since we last updated you from Hanoi in Vietnam. Been so much more relaxed and we've been partying hard on the beaches in the south of Thailand! After Hanoi we got a flight down to Bangkok, it felt like a home from home when we arrived and the drivers actually used their indicators and stopped at red lights! What a treat! We stayed in the same hostel we stayed in when we first arrived about 6 weeks earlier and spent a good while enjoying the air con for the first time in ages. Our time in Bangkok was mainly spent in doors avoiding the heat and playing lots of pool. After a couple of days of buckets, pool and Joey finally getting his hair cut we decided it was time to head down to the islands in the south. We took a typically uncomfortable bus down and then onto a boat before we eventually arrived on Ko Phangnan 16hrs later.

We'd pre-booked our accomodation for the full moon party so headed straight for our bungalows situated on our own private beach. It was

The locals loved the new look
a really beautiful place looking out to the sea with all the other islands in the distance. The next day we met up with people we'd been travelling with previously and all spent the day playing volleyball on the beach (whilst getting burnt) and swimming in the sea. On the night we went to a pool party on the south of the island which was really good fun and we partied the night away with loads of people we'd met earlier on our travels. The next day was pretty much "Same Same" as they say over here with lots of relaxing in the day time then partying on the night. This time we went to the beach where the full moon party is held to have a warm up practice for the big night. Again, had a lot of fun and enjoyed the cheap drinks, music and entertainment!

Next day we slept most of the day to prepare for the big night! Started getting painted up in flourescent paint around 9pm before heading for the beach. It was absolutely crazy. 10,000 people descend onto a huge beach where there are bars every few meters. Needless to say we had

Paradise on our private beach
an amazing night and celebrated the moon being big. I took it upon myself to work behind one of the bars randomly at about 3pm and serve all the thirsty customers. I'm not quite sure how the thai people felt about a big white boy with a painted face on his belly taking over but they didn't kick me out so it was all good! Anyway, danced away until the very early (or should that be late) hours and made our way back to the hotel to sleep the day away!

Another couple of days on Ko Phangnan and with the weather deteriorating we decided best to head south to Krabi before heading across to Ko Phi Phi where we are at the moment. Phi Phi is amazing, really beautiful, amazing beaches and loads of bars and restaurants. Yesterday we took a tour around all the islands, went snorkling, saw monkey island and also "The Beach" beach which was pretty amazing. We'll be spending another few days here before heading... somewhere. As usual we don't really have many plans but we'll be flying out for Oz in 10 days time so we're going to make the most of the

Rocking the DL1 for the full moon!
cheap prices and tasty buckets (we're not alcoholics, honest) while we can!

Sorry it's been a pretty dull blog, I could have summarised it in about 3 lines (beaches, parties, more beaches, more parties) but got a bit carried away. Anyway, hope you enjoy the photos and let us know of any gossip from where you are!

PK & JW x

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The people we stayed with at Ko Phangnan plus buckets (obviously)

Full moon P-A-R-T-Y

I take my work very seriously

Still partying at about 9am!

Cap'n Jack taking us round the islands

I think I must have the tastiest blood in Thailand

Climbing to find a secluded beach in Krabi

Two monkeys on Monkey Island

Monkeys like Coca-Cola don't they??

Clearly not a Pepsi monkey

One of the places we snorkled in the clear green sea!

"The Beach" beach. Leo has been there.

"The Beach" sea. Leo has been there.

10th November 2009

now lads! looks lyk ur avin a naughty time! n good 2 c u representing the dl1 rudebois!!!! not guna lie slightly jealous of where u are as im sat in 3 degree darlo! joe that receder is lookin pretty nasty just wait 2 u get 2 oz mate c shane warne n he will sort u out with sum of tht cream tht he swears by on the back page of the sun! XXX

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