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January 8th 2009
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Luckily we both woke up feeling fine - maybe the 12 hours in a coma helped us sleep off the hangovers?!

It was sad to be moving on but it was exciting knowing we still had many islands left to explore. We grabbed ourselves a long tail to take us to the pier to catch our next ferry.

The boat was a much smaller speedboat than last time. There was only one floor of seating and there were probably about 30 people on board. It was the express boat so the journey only took us an hour. It was smooth all the way so Matt didn’t even need his Travacalm tablets!

When we docked at the pier at Ko Lanta we had to climb from our boat, onto another boat in order to get off. We’re getting used to climbing across boats now.

We weren’t sure if our resort would be waiting for us (we’d emailed them to ask but hadn’t received a reply) so we went to see if there was a sign with our name on anywhere. No sooner had we stepped off the boat we were inundated with offers of taxis. One guy insisted on walking us through the crowd to see if there was a sign as if not he said he’d take us. We couldn’t see any sign so then he started talking money - he said it would be 500baht. I told him the hotel website said it was cheaper than that but he insisted it was a fair price. We told him we’d wait and see if a lift turned up and he eventually dropped the price to 300b instead. We reluctantly accepted and seconds later were enjoying our first ever tuk tuk ride.

We were pleased to see the traffic didn’t look as heavy or as dangerous as Phuket as we drove along in our little steel cage death trap.

A few minutes later we pulled into the Ancient Realm Resort and Spa, relieved that we didn’t have to travel too far.

We were checked into our room quickly. We had a sea view bungalow that was one row away from the beach. From our little private garden we could look out to the sea and the beach.

The room itself was much more luxurious than Phi Phi Hill, but not quiet as nice as Boomerang. Our bathroom was completely outside - toilet and all, which was a novel experience.

We chilled out for the afternoon in our room, before making our way out to the beach to find somewhere for dinner. The beach was long and brown - it didn’t look as exotic as Phi Phi or as pretty.

Our resort was supposed to have an a la carte restaurant but it turned out that they didn’t - instead they just ordered the food from the restaurant next door and brought it to their beach bar. We decided it was easier to just go next door for dinner instead. We sat on a table closest to the beach and ordered some dinner and Chang beers. Our bill came to £12.50 which wasn’t to expensive but the food and service were terrible.

We went back to the café at our resort to have coffee before heading off to bed. Unfortunately the guy behind the bar didn’t know how to make lattes or anything else on the menu so we ended up with a plain old coffee.

In bed I lifted my pillow up to fluff it up before going to sleep, only to see something dark underneath. Without my glasses I couldn’t quite make it out but I didn’t like the look of the shape of it. It turned out to be a flattened gecko. He had obviously gone to sleep there and Matt had come back and jumped onto the bed to read his book. The poor thing. I made Matt lift him off with some tissue and give him a burial in the bin.

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They go up much higher than you can see in this picture. It certainly kept us fit staying here!

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