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June 13th 2007
Published: June 13th 2007
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I must apologise for being so bloody crap at keeping this thing up to date, the truth is that we've just been island hopping for the past couple of weeks and relaxing after our oh-so-hectic travelling schedule.

Now where did I leave this thing last time......? Oh god, I've just realised that I left you in Koh Tao, that's a good couple of weeks ago.

Well, we did the night dive, which was pretty good, but I concentrated more than I've done for the past 4 months - which admittedly doesn't take a lot. You have to keep one eye on your buddy, one eye on your instructor and one eye on the sea life. Now those of you doing the maths will have figured out that that just doesn't add up. Also, as Koh Tao is a VERY popular place to learn to dive there were way too many people there and you had to swim under/ over other divers and run the risk of getting a fin in your face. That said it was a pretty cool experience. We each had a super duper torch and saw a huge hermit crab, a 2m baracuda, a turtle, various other fish and a trigger fish that goes by the name of Trevor.

Trevor and his father have a bit of a reputation - and this is a true story...

Let me start off by saying that Trigger fish are VERY territorial creatures and they guard a sort of cone shape going up from the sandy bottom of the sea. Now Trevor Senior was a very angry chap and had a bit of history with divers for several years, biting at their fins, nipping at their legs etc, until one day Trevor bit part of a girls earlobe off. This girl got back onto the boat and was obviously a little distressed. The captain of the boat was so sick of this fish that he took a spear gun from the boat and dived into the water and killed Trevor. A couple of hours later the captain and several companions enjoyed cooking Trevor over hot coals. So that was the end of Trevor. However Trevor Junior lived on and getting back to the story, we saw him on the night dive. He was asleep, but is probably just under a metre in length and an evil looking chap.

So anyway, the following day we did another couple of dives, submitted our tests and got our Advanced Under Water Certifications. Later on that day we took the night boat and made our way to Burma to extend our Thailand visas as the previous 4 weeks had gone by so quickly.

Not much to say about the visa run really, we were in Burma for about 10 minutes, but got another couple of stamps in the passport, which is the name of the game!!


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