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Published: June 5th 2019
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Reggae BarReggae BarReggae Bar

Buy a drink to sit and watch. Earn a drink to participate.
As I am writing this blog about 6 months after the trip thanks to my procrastination and the fact my iPad/keyboard has died...So my memory may have forgotten some of the laughs, some of the stresses of the trip. But overall, we are good.

As I am a natural morning person, I awoke to a beautiful sun, clear water, and 80* weather. I got dressed and went on the hunt for coffee and breakfast. Coming back with Roti and instant coffee packets, and Blake was waking with that bewildered look of “Who are you?“ and “Why are you awake?”

Roti = Thai Crepe, folded into a square and filled with banana and Nutella. It must be a tourist thing cause Nutella is totally European.

Our safari of the day included finding the best long boat deal, maybe some sun, sand, and a swim. Everything was so peaceful. Few cars littered the island and were used more for hauling items around from the ferry boats that arrived 3 times daily.

We found a dive shop with a tall American from the lovely state of Michigan. He reminded me so much of my friend back home named Danny Phillips. Anyways, this guy gave us the low down on where to eat, where to avoid, and to come see him if we wanted to dive.

This Day we continued to explore Lovely Koh Phi Phi Don. We walked until the sidewalk ended, then crawled over boulders, and found some resorts. And became more sun kissed. We ran into a small problem with our We Chat and slightly panicked that we would be stuck in Thailand with no money.

Side Bar: As some of you know, WeChat is 100% the way you pay for everything in China. Whether it was rent or dinner or your electric bill and hospital copays. Well, the app developer has now included *most* of Asia.

Except Mainland China. Because you need to go to your bank and authorize everything.. So now we are in a country where we dont speak another language, have ordered dinner, and its time to pay and we can’t. Also, Chinese banks do not have a 24 hour service like American ones do. LUCKILY, we still have our American credit card with no international fees. *Praise Jesus*

Slinky BarSlinky BarSlinky Bar

(None of what the sign said happened to our knowledge)

So I left Blake as collateral and ran back to the room to grab the emergency card. Luckily it was only a mile away. So I hauled tail up to the room, hauled it to the ATM machine. And then hauled it to the restaurant. Accepted. And we moved on - to a fire show!

Oh - Really Quickly. Dinner was a Curried Fish Dish .... and just like China - No Spicy! (Boo Lah! in Mandarin) means “Let’s screw with the foreigners” and while I enjoyed dinner, Blake didn’t exactly get full. No worries, we had street food to explore!

So we find this fire show and are admiring the artists when we were approached by a man who offered us means to enhance our balls of fire experience. We politely declined. And then I was a chosen one. Tank tops and shorts with hair loose....I had some Thai Martial artists twisting fire on a chain around my head. Kinda cool, kinda frightening.

There we also watched as they jumped fire rope like two kids in Philly, Complete with acrobatics. All while EDM is straight up blasting until 5am. We danced, we drank, and had the time of our lives.

Just like Leonardo DiCaprio did in the beach.

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