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December 27th 2010
Published: December 31st 2010
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After speaking to someone who'd left the area further south where we'd planned to go we changed our plans. It's been raining there for weeks now and it seems there's no let up. The island we are on is beautiful and so we thought 'why leave? the weather is good here.' As someone said 'why go in search of paradise when you've already found it?'

We changed accommodation as ours had been booked by someone for Christmas. I was a bit up set for a while but fortunately we found an even better one, large, with various items of furniture (most unusual here) and for less than ten pounds a day. It's right on a beautiful quiet stretch of the beach. We have lots of friendly people for neighbours mostly from Europe. The children from the next door hut came on Christmas morning to show us what 'Papa Noel' had brought.

Christmas was a fairly quiet affair but soooo relaxing! We ate christmas lunch overlooking the sea. Spent the morning doing our favourite pastime: lazing on a white sand beach under the shade of a palm tree gazing up at a deep blue sky. Heaven!!

We are now in Kuala Lumpur and have managed to add photos to our last blog, if anyone is interested just click 'previous' to go back.

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Considering it's a small hut on the beach almost!

2nd January 2011

Looks nice!
Hi, Looks like you got lucky as the second bungalow looks better, and even had a couch - luxury! What did Papa Noel bring the kids? It must have been some small things I presume as it would be really hard to carry them! I have just a few days left until slavery again on Monday - sigh! It feels like I have been off for ages, though, so don't mind going back so much. I only spent about 7 hours of the holiday in, too, which isn't bad all things considered. Looking forward to next year as things should get easier and easier! Have fun in Indo. I am guessing we won't hear from you for a while as the internet on Sulawesi was either super slow or non-existent! Love, Sharon and Scott xxx

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