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June 30th 2012
Published: June 30th 2012
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I heard on the grapevine (clearly from Edmunds) that you said you wasn't featured enough in my epic blog. For this I can only apologise and dedicate this mini blog to you....


Rhys Flanagan, what can I say about you. I've known you three days and it feels like a lifetime. This is not always a compliment. You are a brother. I like you almost as much as much as I like the Martin's. With your dashing good looks and witty banter, I can only say that we are twins born of the same mother. I've never seen your mother, but my mother is both hot and funny, so I will say my mother gave you away at birth to a distant relative because I was the prettier twin. You were then brought up thinking that all your charm, wit and wily ways were brought on because you were English. Of course this is preposterous to even contemplate being truthful - you are of course Welsh with all of these traits. Then, when you were nearing 20, your Welsh blood and passion came through and you decided to return to Wales to complete your education. This can be the only explanation. Of course, you are no where near my level in banter but that's because I've been brought up a street wise Welsh girl in the heart of God's country.

You are very welcome to come and visit Wales and sleep on my floor at any time. Never forget this brother. Also, seeing as you didn't invite your parents to your graduation it seems apt that Edmunds and I should take their place.

We may be separated by land and sea but Facebook will keep us all united, even when you do move to Guernsey....


30th June 2012

Who is this guy!
I recently saw a pic of this lad and must say i totally agree about his good looks! never had the chance to meet him unfortunately, but if your description is anything to go by i need to! Good luck hanging onto this guy as a mate, by the sounds of things he's going places, and is in awfully high demand. Best Wishes D.Beckham

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