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July 1st 2010
Published: July 3rd 2010
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Well we survived the Full Moon Party with nothing more that a cut foot a few unexplained bruises!

Before I get to that though I'll fill you in on Koh Phangan. We arrived on the morning ferry and were quickly prodded and poked in the direction of the taxi heading towards our resort, we piled in with about 8 others and somehow scored the front seat. You would think this was a good thing but if you saw the size of the hills we had to get up you would think again. At one stage I thought we would have to get out and walk! We got half way up the big hill and then proceeded to roll backwards until the driver thought she had enough room for a run up and then tried again! Hilarious.

After safely arriving at Power Beach Resort we checked out our digs. Not a bad spot, we had a new bungalow right near the pool so all good.

After relaxing by the pool and discussing just how hard life was we decided to source some food. Unfortunately as we were on a strip of beach not really near a village we had to be satisfied with resort food, which in this case meant pink Pad Thai, yes pink! Suffice to say it was hardly the introduction to Thai Cuisine I was after!

After a rubbish lunch and dinner on Thursday we decided to hire a moped and check out our other options on Friday. Now as you know I have driven a moped before, however I haven't had a passenger nor have I negotiated hills like we did! It was madness! But we survived and had a fabulous day in Haad Rin, which is where the Full Moon Party is held. I was introduced to Coffee Shakes for the first time and I fell in love!

Friday night dinner was even better than lunch as we headed into Thong Sala for the nightly food markets! OMG Yum. It was the BEST food and I had the most amazing Banana Shake ever, it really stretched my budget at 20 baht (AUD 90cents)! Umm I just realised how much I have been talking about food.....hmmmm could that be a sign????

Anyway onto the Full Moon Party, we managed to make friends with a couple of Irish girls and 3 English lads so we all hung out and painted ourselves with fluroscent body paint, turns out Miriam is a bit of an artist so we looked pretty stylish!

Unfortunately just about the time we were ready to depart it started bucketing down with rain so we had to wait it out for about an hour but that meant that we arrived on the beach about 12am so all good. The atmosphere on the beach was awesome, there were fortune tellers, fire twirlers and fire skipping, yes they had a huge skipping rope on fire that people were attempting to skip, I refrained however it did look fun!

The length of the beach was lined with bars and little stalls selling 'Buckets' which were essentially vodka or rum with redbull/sprite etc. Thinking about it now they really didnt taste all that great but you know what they say, when in rome....

So the rest of the night was spent dancing at various bars and eventually losing all the others bar one but we had a fabulous night and it went really quite quickly. Before we knew it it was 5am and the sun was just about to hit the sky. We waited on the beach for the sunrise and when we were satisfied that yes it was indeed daylight (yes I stayed up ALL night!) we decided it was acceptable to have a nap!

Another day of lolling by the pool and improving my tan and it was time to head to Koh Tao, a smaller island 2 hrs away that is really mostly known for diving. The whole crew of us were heading there on Monday so we trekked to the pier together and waited in the line that took forever in the heat and finally made it out on to the jetty only to be there all of 10 minutes before and lovely Thai girl came to tell us 'Sorry for waste your time the 12.30 boat it gone, it full, we have extra boat come for you at 4pm'. The reaction from all travellers was the same 'what?' But yes you heard it right, they had oversold the ferry and we were stuck till 4pm! Unfortunately for Chloe she had taken a sea sickness tablet and they kinda knock her out so when we trekked back to town and found a bar to hang out in she pretty much passed out on it! lol After a few games of pool in which I like to think I showed the boys a thing or two (yeah right) we eventually headed back to the ferry and finally landed on Koh Tao at 6pm.

Chloe and I spent a nice 3 days on the island hanging out with our new friends. We found a really cool bar owned by an Aussie and unfortunately named "Chopper's" - I didnt get it until later. But there was an awesome two man band playing so we danced until dripping in sweat a couple of the nights and I managed to get them to play John Butler, nice!

Thats about it so far, we arrived in Bangkok on the night bus this morning and have secured a very nice hotel room, we are treating ourselves for the last time before its back to budget city!

I have already spent too much at the markets on Khao San road but I can't help it, its just so cheap! Off to the Temples tomorrow for a bit of culture & spirituality. Peace Out 😊


4th July 2010

Fun Fun Fun
Hi honey....Glad your having a top time....sounds great...... funny about the moped thing we should of practiced that one at home...lol :) Stay safe xxxxxooo Rel
26th August 2010

Hi lisa
Chloe stayed up all night...impressive from a "don't call after 9pm cause i'll be asleep" person.

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