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December 31st 2009
Published: January 1st 2010
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We got up at 6.30am after 10 hours of much needed sleep. Walked round some local villages and chatted happily, in no rush to be anywhere. A dog joined us for the whole journey, we were scared of it at first but grew quite fond of it, Tom said it thought it was one of the team. Along the way it had stand-offs with other wild dogs which also looked like wolfs, but it held it's own until the smallest Chihuaua chased it off, I've never seen a dog run so fast!
We stumbled accross a lovely place called Malibu Beach Bungalows with it's own private beach and stopped for some fresh fruit for breakfast. Got a taxi to Ao Haad Yo and went in an internet cafe where I could finally ring Ant - was so lovely to talk to him! Got a taxi to Thong Sala, a bigger village with lots of shops and we found Ellie a nice outfit to wear this evening for the party. It sucks that they still haven't located her luggage. Had a nap on the beach, and I realised I'm coming down with a cold which isn't great. Had lunch in an Irish bar then Ellie and I went for a pedicure & manicure, it cost 350THB (about 7 pounds) for the two. A woman came in and whispered to a Thai masseus then went in the back room. We thought this was a bit suspect and it was confirmed when two guys also came in for a massage but were put in the main room with us. The woman walked out later with a big smile on her face and was giggling with the Thai women, they winked at us and giggled back. Shortly after, another butch woman came in and asked for the same masseus.
We walked back to meet the boys at the Irish bar just as some guy was being shoved in to the back of a Police pick up truck, we watched him shreiking & making monkey noices at the 7 guys it had taken to handcuff his hands and feet - apparently he'd been on mushrooms and had been chasing the Thai chefs around and upsetting the customers.
We got chatting to the owner called Heath and his friend Lee and they ended up blagging us all not to get ready at our shack, and to go to a bar nearby with them instead. We jumped on their mopeds with them (3 people on each one) and sat drinking 'Thai Buckets' made from Vodka, Red Bull & Sprite. One of the waitresses was telling us how she loved babyface White guys and seemed to home in on Tom, they love him over here!
Got a Pick-up-truck-Taxi to the Full Moon party, up and down the massive hills, it was like a rollercoaster and we got the Americans we were sharing it with to do "no hands" which was fun. The streets near the beach were heaving and full of stalls selling glow in the dark body paint; beads and Thai buckets. Sat on the beack painting each others arms and danced to electro music. Found a bar playing Drum & Bass with a really good MC so we danced on the sand (harder than you think) to Chase & Status & Pendulum. It made me realise how much I miss Dena and her randomness, me and Coatsy were saying how we wished she was here with us. Watched some fire-throwers which looked brilliant in the dark, the Thai guys were so good at it. Once guy evidently off his face kept intentially running in to them though and making them drop their sticks.
We counted the New Year in listening to the Drum & Bass version of Fugees' Ready of Not and watched the hundreds of beautiful fireworks that filled the sky, it was immense! One of the stages near us that was filled with people dancing was ready to cave in. Bought more Thai buckets and sat on some steps watching people milling around, saw a big fight and helped a bloke with glass in his foot.
The locals were all flying around in their pick up trucks giving people lifts everywhere, so we flagged one down and paid him to take us back to the shack. The roads were so busy and everyone was driving super fast, it was fun until we actually crashed in to another car! It was a really bad smash but luckily no one was seriously injured. Ellie was really upset and fortunatly some people stopped their big taxi to let us in so we weren't on the road. We got some cheese toasties from a 7/11 and chatted to homeless Thai people then headed home. The alcohol had warn off and Ellie realised she'd hurt her wrist badly in the crash. Coatsy bandaged it up, bless him.

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1st January 2010

bless Zoe
God bless you Zoe for this travel blog. Its Great to see you are all having such a good time, Love the stories and it looks like my Tom is keeping you all amused. Looking forward to reading the next entry. Love to you all Sandie p.s Tell Tom I love him big XXXX for you all

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