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November 4th 2007
Published: November 7th 2007
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the water buffalo Sui kept barking atthe water buffalo Sui kept barking atthe water buffalo Sui kept barking at

thats our washing line across the middle of picture!
Sunday 4th November

It was a really quiet day at the clinic today - well as far as the animals were concerned! On a Sunday it's me Pong and Lot that work. Lot is Por's sister, she is lovely and like me, she likes to clean! So between us i think we pretty much cleaned everything! After sorting out the washing i got the broom and brushed all the cobwebs off the side of the kennels. On rainy days we usually hang the washing off these but it makes me cringe to see the cobwebs - so by getting rid of them we now have more room to hang the washing. You see there is a method in my madness! Lot then went on to clean out the fridge and hack at the ice compartment with a hammer whilst i cleaned out the cutlery draw and bleached all the work tops.
Pong has been saying for a while that she wants to give Harvey a bath and so as it was a sunny day she did just that. He was ok but we only have cold water so he wasn't so happy when we rinsed him down. Later on Lot decided to bath Sui, then Dave the puppy, then Boogly - in fact there was only Ploy that didn't get washed.
An English couple called from Haad Rin as they were worried about a dog there. She was really skinny and they think she had been in a fight as her nose was bleeding. They agreed to bring her to us in a taxi. Pong looked her over but there were no injuries so she gave her some worming tablets and and a long lasting injection (i think antibiotic) and a multi vitamin injection then asked the couple to take her back with them, she gave them some more powdered medicine and asked that they try and feed her later with this in the food.

We went and got ourselves mopeds on the evening! I have never driven one before so asked for a helmet - hardly anyone wears them out here but i have to, at least till i get confident on the bike. Though i nearly died when the lady passed me a bright orange one..!! Just make me look even more of a twat why don't you!! Luckily i didn't want one with a visor on so she swapped it for a white one. Just to give ourselves a little run on them we went all the way back to Thong Sala where we decided to have a look around the market, Stel had spotted some fleecy blankets earlier so we decided to buy 1 each for the clinic. They were only 200 baht (3 pound) each and they are really low on large bedding so know they would come in handy.

Lee and Thai at Coco were celebrating their 4th anniversary today so had laid on a BBQ - free dinner, great! and it was really nice too. Chicken, beef or pork kebabs and a potato salad with curry flavor. Of course due to last nights party we were both tired so an early night was called for.

Monday 5th November

Bike wouldn't start..!! How annoying! Luckily as i got to the end of our 'dirt track' a taxi was passing so i flagged it down as didn't want to be late.
It was another quiet day at the clinic - apart from Sui barking all day at a water buffalo that is now wandering around near the clinic.
I took Oleang the shitsu for a little walk before her owners came to collect her. She is looking much better already and now just has to come back later in the week to have her stitches out.
Chang the cat has a habit of jumping up onto your shoulders even when you are not looking - then he will either sit across the back of my shoulders or rest himself on my boobs - well they are big enough for a cat to sit on aren't they! The only problem is, his feet are really dirty so when he jumps down he sometimes scratches my chest and today he left big itchy welts on my chest.
We took a call from another tourist about a dog in Haad Rin - she said it had really bad worms and couldn't lift it's head off the floor. We asked her to bring it in but she said she had no money....?...i asked her to find out how much a taxi would be and call back and she did that saying they wanted 500 baht and rightly or wrongly i said i would pay it. Rightly cause i wanted to help the dog but wrongly cause the clinic relys on donations so can't have people thinking we can pay for taxis.
Anyway when she arrived it was the same dog as yesterday - Shadow. She was still very nervous but once Pong looked at her she could see that she didn't have 'really bad worms' and if there was any it was from yesterdays medication! Lesson learnt - ask more questions next time. Anyway Pong decided to keep her in overnight and try some more medication.

Got back and managed to get bike started so drove down to Mems place but it was shut, so drove back to try the Mexican near us and that was also closed! So ended up going back to Coco, having adinner and watching a really bad dvd.

Tuesday 6th November

Clinic day
Got to work at 8.30 - Shadow had still not eaten any food :-(
A dog called Marmite was brought in to be spayed. She a lovely big fluffy brown thing - you guessed it, about marmite colour!- and boy was she noisy. A little bit hyper too once she was in the kennel and even managed to get her head stuck in the cage door. It was horrible as she really could not get her head out and in the Lot had to go inside the kennel to hold her whilst Brendan pushed her head from the outside. I had to put my fingers in my ears. Once she was out we decided to put her in a cage instead so she didn't hurt herself.
Also in for surgery was a dog called Namtom - he had literally had the skin ripped off one of his balls and it was just red raw!! (see photos) The owner thinks he had been in a fight - talk about being grabbed by the balls!
Then there was a street dog called Dam to be spayed also.
It turns out Marmite has a problem when it comes to anaesthetic and for a moment it was touch and go to keep her alive. Her heartbeat was not sounding right but the vets worked really hard and luckily it was all ok in the end. Por stayed with her all through the recovery period to keep an eye on her.
Namtoms operation went well, though he now has no balls to lick! I had to take his temperature whist he was in recovery and as the thermometer was just going in some poo came out...and it stank! Por and Pong both offered to clean it up as i had to go to the door to get some air but i said no, i have to get used to these thing.
Dam took a long time to recover and Por was a little worried as her temperature dropped - our new big fleecey blankets came in handy today as we wrapped her up and placed a hot water bottle inside the blanket. Again all was well and all 3 went home ok..
Sui again spent a lot of the day barking at the water buffalo so Brendan shut her in one of the kennels.
Shadow managed to eat some chicken that we gave her and Por arranged to take her back to Haad Rin in a taxi for 300 baht and the lady that brought her in yesterday agreed to meet her and look after the dog for a few days and give her medicine in some food so all good for now.
As i was about to leave Mouldy turned up again! From the other day i knew Harvey was going to be funny with him so i quickly grabbed him and turned him away then Pong took him into a kennel so we could give Mouldy some fuss. I know it's a dog thing with the pack and the territory and all that but i can't help feeling sorry for Mouldy. From the scars on his face he has had it rough already and then he wanders by just to get Harvey being all nasty to him - and Harvey doesn't really belong at the clinic anyway! The cheeky dog just won't go home as the bar is so close he just keeps coming back! Oh well, Mouldy got some food and i left before he did as i knew i would be upset to see him walk off again.
Hopefully he will turn up from time to time.
It's my last day with Dave the puppy today as he is being collected tomorrow to go to his new home - gonna miss Dave so gave him lots of cuddles and took a video of him jumping all over Harvey. (hopefully attached)

Stel went to Chaloklum for the day/evening so had the night to myself - ended up spening 3 hours on internet!! Thank you to everyone who has mailed and sent comments on the blog. Sorry for not answering all personally but i will try and get around to you all soon, but after 3 hours mailing and blogging i just had to get some dinner!
There was a storm brewing so took bottle of beer back to my room and sat on my balcony watching the lightening.

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12th November 2007

Dave and Harvey playing
Hi Sheena, Love the video of Dave and Harvey playing. Keep the stories coming really enjoying reading all about your adventures. Take care Liz Gardiner.
28th December 2007

Only you Sheen
Only you Sheena could take a picture of a dogs knackers and make me cry with laughter. Internet hasn't been working properly for ages so catching up on your blogs now they re hilarious. Keep 'em coming and hope you had a great Christmas. Still in November so haven't got that far yet. Take care Emma xxxx

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