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May 9th 2007
Published: May 9th 2007
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Full moon partyFull moon partyFull moon party

This is what you get when you put 2 Swiss, 2 Poms, 2 Kiwis, 5L bucket of nasty drink and a FULL MOON together!!
Leon and I arrived to a raining day on some rough seas from Koh Tao Is. In the pouring rain we taxied to our destination. Haad Salad Beach and yes snigger at the name - haha Salad Beach.

The destination proved to be quite isolated, a good 20minute ride in a 'back of the ute' taxi from the action in Haad Rin. We had 3 days of chilling out in our isolated location. We played pool, snorkelled and did some reading.
Perhaps the highlight was climbing the rocks around to a headland. Randomly, this limp old sorry looking dog followed us around the whole way and up a cliff. We both thought the thing was going to smash itself but everytime we climbed higher it followed.
In fact 2 nights of soberness combined with some great cruisine from our very one master chef, proved to be quite liberating. Mind you, 80% of the time it hosed down outside.

We ventured out our third night to a Thai BBQ - which intails a food hygeinists worst nightmare. You select strips of raw meat from a buffet and then cook it on a shared hot flying spaceship in the middle
...when it rains, it time for pool...when it rains, it time for pool...when it rains, it time for pool

We scammed free pool for our days waiting for the rain to stop.
of the table. We shared our BBQ with 3 English girls in a game of reliance. Luckily we pulled through without food poisoning.
The 5 of us then hit a pool party, a couple of buckets later and we were done. The English girls had all disappeared and we discovered that it was cheaper to get an overnight ferry than a taxi back to Haad Salad. Held to ransom!

The day of the Full Moon Party was like Christmas Eve. People came out of the wood work and our beach became frequented by youngsters. Our preparation started after a 3course dinner with a homemade whiskey bucket with two different English girls from you hotel.
We arrived around 8pm to Haad Rin and hit the beach. Soon after our arrival torrential rain began forcing 70% of the people inside. We formed a group and acquired a bucket which had its own gravitational force. In the bucket went 1.5L of Thai Rum, 12 redbulls, 1.5L Coke and some token ice.
16 colourful straws and 8 thirsty mouths meant the night was heating up despite the rain.

Highlights prompted by photo evidence... I ran into my buddy Adam from Thailand, at
Cliff top viewCliff top viewCliff top view

...when the rain cleared, we scrambled up a cliff and checked up the view of our bay. Mean.
some stage was wearing a skirt, there was a guy with a funny mask, a 3foot long lizard, a few random kiwis and some fire dancing. Leon and I managed to lose everyone with the refilled bucket and went for a wonder. Soon I had lost Leon after was following another guy in a black shirt for 5minutes.

A little baffled and alone, I ran into 2 more baffled poms. Both of whom were Classical European Theatre Artists which made for some rich entertainment. I accompanied them for a drink before one of them fell asleep. Leon reappeared and from what I can remember the sun was thinking about coming up. On our way out, I ran into Fraser, a friend of Toni's exboyfriend, Tim. Random. Between facefuls of a hotdog and explained that he had lost Tim and was not sure what was happening.

Leon and I then waited around 1hour until 7am for a taxi to Haad Salad. Luckily for me an Aussie who had been arrested and was bleeding vented his story to me. The fact that he had thrown a brick through a shop window made me sway to not agreeing with his point
Beach sunsetBeach sunsetBeach sunset

Oh so quiet on our beach.
of view that he was hard done by.
The taxi arrived in broad daylight and we shared a ute with some Chileanas, a Welsh surfer and a kiwi.
Home safe from Full Moon and still drunk, it was time to have a feed and get the ferry out of there!

A overnight train and we were back in Bankok to collect our suits, buy some shoes and fly out. It could not have worked out better... although some sleep would have been nice.

Additional photos below
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Mean shackMean shack
Mean shack

With Leon the overgrown Yhetti in front.
Full moon 1Full moon 1
Full moon 1

The build up...
Full moon 2Full moon 2
Full moon 2

Torrential rain makes me thirsty... and where did Adam (my travel buddy in Bankok) come from?
Full moon 3Full moon 3
Full moon 3

No wait... there is a logical explaination for this!
Full moon 5Full moon 5
Full moon 5

Full moon 6Full moon 6
Full moon 6

My mate the lizard
Full moon 7Full moon 7
Full moon 7

Fire walking
Full moon 8Full moon 8
Full moon 8

Fraser? Whats up bro? How was the burger?

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