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July 20th 2005
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The Offending HillThe Offending HillThe Offending Hill

The road suddenly ended and we found outselves on the side of a rutted, potholed 45-degree angled dirt cliff. And stupidly thought we could hangle it...
hehe, ok this one needs a bit of a photojournal- if you haven'yt figured it out yet, to see all of the photos you have to first click on the one below and then click the link above it that says 'previous'. i'm not sure i like the photo system on this site... it's confusing.

Anyway, I've been riding a motorbike around for the last two days and I'm thoroughly addicted!! It's the ONLY way to travel! (and on $1 for a tank of fuel, the cheapest!) I found wome waterfall today in the jungle and went up to the top of it where there was a viewpoint over the whole island. It was nice. I read my book for a while and then bathed in the crystal waters :P

Having a "Bungalow Warming" tonight. I've strung up a couple of extra hammocks and set up my FULLY SICK stereo system ready for good times to be had by all on my beach-front verandah. aagh! I'm sorry... i can't help it! I must gloat! LIFE HERE IS SO GOOD! 😊 ...going to DIE when I get to england!! :S

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I couldn't. Conked out halfway and went sliding downhill. I bailed and my bike went flying into a ditch. It was ok though. So was I. *phew*
Much destressing was required...Much destressing was required...
Much destressing was required... my nice new yellow hammock. which got STOLEN last night!@$# i have a blue one. :)
...followed by beer...followed by beer
...followed by beer

...and later a bottle of rum... bleh :S meaghghgh....
The uke is still kickinThe uke is still kickin
The uke is still kickin

I tell you what- everyone should travel with a ukulele! They are as useful as the Hitchhiker's Guide make out Towels to be! You can meet new people with them! Be Entertaining/ed for hours! Fend off wild beasts/or else serenade them to put them to sleep! Use the case (tennis raquet bag) as a comfortable pillow! And i swear they have some strange ability to hypnotize girls or something, because they don't stop following you around!!! :) ...wish i had Lila with me tho (my Wise uke!)

20th July 2005

i read your journal every day, Charlie, but I must have missed a couple of things. What happened to the wise ukelele? or is it too painful to say? Just remember what your grandmother said about riding motor bikes and take care! you did get travel insurance, didn't you. Don't let my comments put you off giving us all the gory details of your trip though. We want a warts and all account. Are you able to keep up to date with world news through the internet. if not, let me know and I'll keep you posted on world events. - Remember? the world outside the tropical paradise. heaps of love
22nd July 2005

Having a blast
Hey Chaz, looks like your having a blast and enjoying life to its fullest. Keep it up!!! I'm liking all the details and the motorbike commentary especially. Beware English chics are addicting...but have fun
24th July 2005

you neeeed lila! gotta get liiiiiiiiiiiiiiila! your wise little honey, with a nice little belly! Im writing a song for you love luce

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