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July 10th 2011
Published: July 10th 2011
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Truth be told, our visit to Lipe island began with a bit of confusion; firstly, we wanted to visit Kao (Thai for island) Bulon, but there weren’t any boats going there and then we were charged more than expected, but nonetheless we headed to the island looking forward to spending time there!
Overall, we had a fantastic time on Lipe Island. The sea was clear, the sand was white and there were palm trees. It was paradise! The first day we spent just by ourselves, finding our accommodation after following a Spanish man. We swam in the sea (as warm as a hot bath) and sunbathed! The following day our Russian friends joined us, however, they had no phone signal so it was lucky that we bumped into them! After more sunbathing and swimming, we had our evening meal (so cheap!) and then drank beer with Malaysian guys. How many 18 year olds can say that?!

The next day was more of the same, Murad rented a snorkel and we saw some fantastic fish- even Jess, who had been sun burnt from the previous day went in the sea to see what she could see (sounds like a tongue twister) there were fish about 30cm long just swimming around, clown fish, rainbow fish and huge shoals of little fish. It was so interesting to see, much more exotic than any European sea could possibly be.

There are some strange stories from the island however, involving demonic children, leaving threatening signs like in Blair Witch. Okay, that’s a bit too far, but they did hide our shoes on various occasions and we did walk past them playing with a dead bird as if it were a teddy bear! It was also quite strange being one of the few tourists on the island, but it was fun having a beach pretty much to ourselves! Our accommodation, being cheap, was not without its flaws, bugs in the bed being the major worry, hollie had some more unusual bites to display, they swelled up like blisters but one of them was eaten by a fish in the sea. (wonder how it tasted?!)

We played some drinking games with Murad in the evening, lacking alcohol we used water… “I have never” had some funny revelations for us, (Murad is a superman).

The boat home was an unbelievably rough ride, rocking to and fro until we were convinced we were going to capsize (we comforted ourselves with the fact that we can both swim!!) Water was splashing in on deck as if it was a ride in a water park, we were pretty wet by the end of the hour and a half journey! The minibus from pakbura to Hat Yai was the next step, a slow driver, a rickety minibus and some unnecessary stops so the driver could buy groceries meant that a supposed hour and a half journey managed to stretch into more than double that. We were not best pleased… But we met paeng, her sister and a friend in Hat Yai and were fed and watered, and after a manic trip round tesco- it was so busy! We grabbed a delicious icecream along with Clara’s icecream birthday cake (it was her birthday today.)

When we arrived back at the house and showered etc we met some of Robs friends, along with some familiar faces from the time we had spent with him, had some barbequed food while he kids played in the paddling pool and played with clara’s presents- foam stickers from aunty Fiona are already decorating the house!

We are now forfilling our craving for chocolate before we fly to North Thailand tomorrow. We are going to meet Robs friend Candy and a man who works at the university where we plan to help students with their conversational English- we are hoping they may also help us pick up a little thai! Hopefully, if we are spending time at the university we may have better computer access, so we will try to keep our blog up to date.


10th July 2011

Island Paradise
Glad you enjoyed your island trip despite the bites and the sunburn! (Does Hollie have any legs left to bite? - perhaps she should wear long trousers from now on!!). The island sounds really beautiful and peaceful, not at all touristy. I hope Clara had a lovely birthday and was pleased with all her presents. Look after yourselves in Chaing Mai, and don't take any chances with your safety.
11th July 2011

Ko Lipe
Hi Girls, I'm even more jealous now, if thats possible. What a great, cheap place. Think I'll pop over there at some stage and just wander around for a couple of years. Shouldnt cost much. I could keep in touch with Julie using a blog like this ;-) (only joking if you are reading this Ju!!!). We took Josh to Cambridge for a look see at the weekend. Great place. Very nice. Never been there until now, but he'll definitely have to work hard if he gets there. Unquestionably. Well Ju and I are off to the cottage this week so we'll be on a beach also:-) I didnt realise you were going away for so long. You'll not be wanting to come back:-) (hey theres a thought - you can probably get by there on a pittance and do some English teaching) but I hope you do so i can see all your pics and get all your stories. Save the stories for Lanzarote by the pool mind :-) xx PS Listen to your mam about taking no chances with yr safety!!!!!!!

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