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March 27th 2008
Published: March 30th 2008
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Ko lipe 2703 1Ko lipe 2703 1Ko lipe 2703 1

Arriving in Ko Lipe

Langkawi - Thailand Ko lipe 27th March

Up Early as taxi picking me and a Swedish Couple up at 8.30am.

Checked my emails as I am supposed to meeting Fabienne, (Swiss girl who i met in LA) in Ko Lipe. Received no email and not had one for about 4 days now so not really sure if I am meeting her or Not?

Checked out of Zackery's place and met the Swedish Couple, Sarah and Chris and made our way to the jetty at telaga harbour - 118 ringetts to get to thailand (ko lipe). The boat journey took about 1hr and half, and at this point i would have usually chilled out to some music on my i-pod - but cant cos it's dead!

Arrived at Ko Lipe at Pattaya. From 50 mtrs or so from sure it looks beautiful. There were quite a few resorts, restaurants, bars - but not big high rise ones - all traditional wooden or small concrete beach bungalows. First thing i noticed was the colour of the water, so clear and turquoisey blue. Then the sand, it was like flour, so soft!

I was staying at same place as
Ko Lipe 2703 2Ko Lipe 2703 2Ko Lipe 2703 2

My bathroom in my bungalow
the Swedish couple. At the Lipe Resort further up the beach. I was in bugalow no8, my lucky number. It was set back a little, but still only 30mtrs from the beach. I had a bungalow all to myself for 750B (12 english pounds). The room was very basic as expected but clean. I had some company though a big millipede.

The rest of the day i chilled out on the beach, had my first thai massage and walked around the island.

The thai massage was gentler and more relaxing than i expected. I heard the stories where you have your joints pulled out of there sockets and stretched into positions that just arent normal. As it happens the massage i got was meant to be a relaxing one. Which it so so was! I agreed to go back tomorrow for a traditional thai massage - should be fun!

Went for lunch to Jungle bar and had a red curry (recommended in lonely planet) - one of the best red currys ever! (not bad for 1 uk pound 50p!). From there i went exploring and come across some heavenly, quiet beaches. Sunset bar beach and Cosy cove
ko lipe 2703 3ko lipe 2703 3ko lipe 2703 3

My room mate
were the pick and so lovely - that's where im heading after i've wrote this! Sunrise beach is also very nice, a bit busier like pattaya but all the same lovely!

Had a walk through the local village which is home to about 800 thai people. Reminded me a bit of fiji. Small wooden or metal shacks / huts, children running about everywhere, people working but very casually and slow, litter and rubbish everywhere. The little is probably the only downside to Lipe, but to be honest you only see it when you move away from the beach and walk's only a tiny downside!

My last night in Langkawi i thought id seen the best sunset ever, unfortunately my camera battery died and i couldnt take any pictures when it was at its nicest! However that sunset was soon bettered on my first night in Ko Lipe. I walked back to sunset bar beach, and enjoyed the spectacle whilst also enjoying a couple of ice cold chang beers - i was totally gobsmacked and one of the best and most enjoyable experiences of my travels.

That night i had a walk through the main street where
Ko lipe 2703 4Ko lipe 2703 4Ko lipe 2703 4

Looking down the beach of ko lipe
there are a few quiet, chilled out bars restaurants, cafe shops - and thats it! Went to a bar on the beach in pattaya called chill out bar, had a nice cold beer and watched a fire dancer who was really good. From there home and bed!

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Ko Lipe 2703 4Ko Lipe 2703 4
Ko Lipe 2703 4

Sunset bar Beach - heavenly!
Ko Lipe 2703 6Ko Lipe 2703 6
Ko Lipe 2703 6

Sunset beach, this is where i stayed for a couple of nights and had a bungalow right on the beach front
Ko Lipe 2703 7Ko Lipe 2703 7
Ko Lipe 2703 7

Cosy Cove - this is where i spending the afternoon when finished this blog
Ko Lipe 2703 8Ko Lipe 2703 8
Ko Lipe 2703 8

Cosy cover
ko lipe 2703 10ko lipe 2703 10
ko lipe 2703 10

Specacular Sunset at Sunset bar beach

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