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April 9th 2013
Published: April 9th 2013
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After yet another horrific journey which should have taken 4 hours but instead took 10 (including a 2 hour wait in someones front garden - only in Thailand!) we were dropped off at our accommodation in Koh Lanta.

The owner of the huts we had booked to stay in was very friendly but the huts were like being back in the jungle, it was made of bamboo with holes so there was plenty of wildlife in there and we had a big mosquito net all around our bed, and one little fan which did little to cool the room. But we thought we would suck it up and enjoy being at one with nature..

Our first impressions of Koh Lanta weren’t great, we had heard so many good things about the place, the beautiful beaches, the chilled out vibes and we were looking forward to a nice few days of just relaxing on a beach. Our first night consisted of going out for pizza and a few glasses of wine at yet another irish bar before being in bed before midnight. The next morning we walked the few metres to the beach but was not impressed, it was all rocky and there wasn’t anywhere to sit, we couldn’t even go in the sea as it was so rough, we literally felt like we were in Ireland on holiday, just hotter and without the rain!

We decided to get a tuk tuk further down the island to the next beach along and that’s when things started to look up and I fell in love with Koh Lanta…

We found a nice secluded beach with comfy sun loungers and spent the day lazing around in the sun with the sea breeze, it was perfect, just what we had wanted when we came to Koh Lanta.

That night after a proper Sunday roast (irish bar of course) we pre drank with two of our friends and headed out to experience the night life on long beach.. Lets just say, it left a lot to be desired! The bars were quiet, the music wasn’t great, so we jumped in a tuk tuk and asked him to take us to a party, after 5 minutes of driving down a dark, deserted dirt track convinced we were been taken to our death we ended up at some bar on the beach where everyone was high and there was some thai man walking around with snakes.. It was actually alright! But as everyone raved away, high off mushroom shakes, us crazy cats headed to 7-11 to stock up on whiskey and big bags of crisps and headed back to have a balcony party in the hammock which went on until 5am when we all had had too much whiskey and headed off to bed.

The next morning we headed off to pastures new and went to a quieter part of the island where our friends were staying and got a serious upgrade on accommodation.. For the same price, we got a beach hut made of actual concrete instead of bamboo, air con and a fan, a swimming pool, TV, 3 beds and we were actually on the beach.

The next two days were perfect, we sunbathed all day, reading, listening to music, went for walks along the beach, drank cocktails sitting in a hammock between two palm trees on the beach and spent the nights watching the sunset on the beach and drinking cocktails in the chilled out beach bars on beanbags looking up at the stars.

After 4 weeks of excessive drinking, partying and little sleep and knowing ive got a crazy week to come next week for Songkran (Thai new year) a chilled out few days were just what I needed, and Koh Lanta was perfect, I would definitely come back here again!

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