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October 16th 2010
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So Trevor (Me) is starting first....

So last night I couldn't sleep while my darling wife fell asleep to the movie we were watching on my iphone in 5 min as per the usual. So, I stayed up and watched the whole movie then did some reading. Then I heard some bag rustling.... then again, I am like oh no a mouse or worse a rat, if im lucky a cockroach got into something we left in one of our shopping bags. So I get my headlamp and creep towards the bag, open it up, and there is a gecko about as long as my middle finger chomping down on one of oreos (vanilla cookie with a chocolate centre), so I left one out for the little guy (he eats bugs most of the time after all) and went to sleep. In the morning we looked at the remnants of the cookie and he has eaten some of the icing and there are little bite marks in all the cookie.

So in other news it has been raining.... hard..... again.... everyday.... yep (sigh) oh well its not constantly and its only for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening usually but that is usually the time we jump on the moto and head off looking for a meal. Oh well we both have gotten to the point where we just dont care about getting soaked in 5 min on the moto because we will be dry in another 10. Also you will not be hearing from us for about 5 days or so because we booked a 4 day live aboard dive boat to the Similan Islands. We will be doing about 4 dives everyday and hopefully enjoying some sun and beautiful islands.

Well that's all for me back to your regular blogger


Hello All,

So, we're really enjoying Koh Lanta. It's a really neat island, despite all the rain. On Thursday we got up early and managed to catch some sun by the pool before it clouded over and got a bit rainy, but hey, sun is sun and we'll take what we can get! We went into town and I got a pedicure while Trev went out on the moto. He ended up getting drenched in the rain. We had lunch at a little German cafe that had real coffee and whole wheat breads (a nice change from white bread). We went back to our resort and I tried to drive the moto. I did pretty good, but the roads here are a little busy so I don't think I'll actually drive here. We got picked up for cooking school at around 3:45.

Cooking school was great. The first part was a lesson about Thai food theory, culture and preparation. I learned that we've been rude here all're not supposed to put the fork into your mouth, it's only for pushing food onto the spoon or scraping things. Who knew? There was also a lot of info about how to chop vegetables, apparently is a really big deal here, and Thai people won't eat things that they don't recognize. We also learned about the balance between Sweet, Salty and Sour (and sometimes Spicy). We got to help make green curry paste that the restaurant would use the next day. We made pad thai noodles, papaya salad, fried morning glory and spicy-sweet-sour sauce for chicken or fish. It was all so good, and we were stuffed afterwards! Thai dinner party at our house when we get back?

We've been doing a lot more island exploring and trying little restaurants. It's been a lot of fun. This morning we went back to Old Town and went to the Hammock Shop. They're all hand-made and really nice. We each picked one and decided to mail them home to ourselves, rather than pack them around. We had another nice afternoon (there was actually blue sky! not just clouds) so we spent a little time by the beach. The ocean is really rough this time of year, so it was nice that the resort has a pool.

It's our last night in Koh Lanta, tomorrow we're travelling to Koh Lak (just up the coast from Phuket). We're both really excited to get on the boat for diving! (I bought more Gravol, just in case). Like Trev said, we'll be unavailable to update for a while, but you'll hear from us afterward.

Lots of Love,


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