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May 25th 2010
Published: May 25th 2010
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Our trip from Langkawi to Ko Lanta was interesting to say the least. We thought the trip would be 6 to 8 hours, it turned into another all day affair. We were stamped out of Malaysia on Langkawi and boarded a boat made for midgets with assigned seating, there was zero leg room (imagine Scott, 6”2’ crammed into a window seat with no leg room) we waited until the boat got moving and found an emp... Read Full Entry

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On the ferryOn the ferry
On the ferry

Notice that cage truck in the backround, well it happened to be the same one that had a bull on the ferry ride over a week prior.

Notice our faces? well the elephant is actually running! didnt know they did that...
Scott and cakeScott and cake
Scott and cake

Thank you Kristy for suprising me with something I didnt know you could get here :)

25th May 2010

WOW! Outstanding pics...
Must comment on the beautiful pics!...Especially the actions shots of scott and the cloud in the sky as back drop. BEAUTIFUL!
27th May 2010

Congratulations - almost perfect :)
With a horizontal horizon it would have been the perfect lightning shot! - how did you capture it?
27th May 2010

envy you !i have been paying close attention to your blog for a long time !! the articles and the photos are interesting and impressed!!! my girlfrend and i will start our asian trip very soon!!hopes we can have a cheering time too!!
28th May 2010

thanks, i know
Now if only I didn't leave my tripod at home.... I saw the flashes of lightening in the sky from our bungalow so I ran down to the beach, found an old palm stub and placed the camera up. Set it for manual and increased the +- to +max, shutter to 30 sec, aperture to 4.5 and let it rip, probably a little of a lucky shot as I took about 5 and this being the only one with a bolt lightening. Cheers, Scott
10th June 2010

this is an amazing picture! How an earth did you shoot it?! the stars and everything and the green on the horizon! ah love it! xz
7th September 2010

one awesome shot!
that is a dream once in a lifetime shot! congrats on the moment

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