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February 14th 2018
Published: February 9th 2018
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aAfter a long cold dreary winter we have, at last, finalised plans to escape to the sunshine.

We spent December 2016 and January 2017 in Thailand catching up with Sharon, Scott and the children who were on a twelve month trip around the world. Quite an adventure with a two year old and a four year old and we loved being part of it. So when they announced they were setting off for a second trip it was too good an opportunity to miss to catch up with the grandchildren again. Also after the trauma they'd been through watching forest fires then mud slides come a hair's breadth from destroying their home back in California, I felt the need to do the ' mothering' thing. Not to mention a couple of health scares, too, while all that was going on!

This time we are starting off with some family time on Ko Lanta but then taking off on our own for a spot of adventure, first some jungle trekking for a few days in Khoa Sok National Park, then back for more family time on Ko Lanta and later some island hopping in Indonesia. After that we will all meet up again in Thailand for a while to experience Songkran ( a festival to celebrate the start of rainy season that gets very messy but good fun, apparently.) Last but not least we will travel to Malaysia to spend two weeks on a favourite island of ours. Sharon and family will join us shortly after. This will coincide with Jakes 4th birthday so it looks like it will be party time again.

That will be our last stop before we all travel back to Kuala Lumpur, us to return home and Sharon and Scott to go...... who knows where?

So watch this space!


9th February 2018

I didn't know that you were the parents of...
[blogger=23834]. I've been Following them ever since they started blogging after a 10 year interruption. Their adventure of traveling around the world with two young children was quite amazing!
11th February 2018

small world!
It's quite amazing that you've been following our daughter's blog and now picked up on ours. What a small world it is. We have been seriously travelling for 12 years now and it's surprising how many people we 'bump' into again and again from various parts of the world. I guess that's the benefit of travel. I have read a few of your blogs and will catch up with more while on our next trip that starts tomorrow.
11th February 2018

Actually, I started Following your blogs...
several years ago, before Following your daughter. I loved your frequent visits to Thailand, where I grew up, and Poland, which is near the top of my bucket list. I look forward to reading about your next trip.

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