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February 26th 2008
Published: March 6th 2008
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Ko JumKo JumKo Jum

Here is a pic of Ko Jum, the island where we stayed for eight wonderful days.
If I had to choose one word to characterize our time at Koh Jum it would have to be--lounge. In our entire eight day stay we probably strayed no farther than 300 meters from our little bungalow. Bungalow-->food hut-->lounge hut-->beach-->food hut-->lounge hut-->food hut-->bungalow. Perfect. Koh Jum was exactly what we wanted. Good food. Decent beach. Warm water. Fun animals. No commitments. No worries. Plenty of time. So it rained--more time to read. So the tide was out--more tide pools and beach combing.

Koh Jum is bursting with animal life. Monkeys chattered next to our bungalow. We coaxed hermit crabs out of their shells on the beach. Songbirds serenaded us by day and frogs by night. I could have done without the rat that climbed up on my leg in the middle of the night, but Chris scared it off with some very valiant stomping of feet. My hero! A light application of coral in the rat holes solved our rat-visitation problem.

We had a burst of industriousness on our first day and began an epic building project. We spent 3 good hours building a mini Great Wall of China. This was no petty sand castle built in 20 minutes
Ko Jum AgainKo Jum AgainKo Jum Again

This picture of Ko Jum shows the area where our bungalow was.
and forgotten. This was a sand-architectural feat of epic proportions! We declared the water to be vicious Mongolians out to destroy our wall. Proudly, our wall stood up to a fearsome attack by sky-Mongolians (a thundershower) and part of it even withstood the brunt of the Mongolian force (high tide). A second high tide totally destroyed it, though. Proves the adage, I guess...never get in a land war in Asia.

Additional photos below
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The Great Wall... of Thailand?The Great Wall... of Thailand?
The Great Wall... of Thailand?

Our first day on Ko Jum we built a sand model of the Great Wall on the beach.
Sunset from the LoungeSunset from the Lounge
Sunset from the Lounge

The sun sets over the Pi Pi islands as we gaze lazily out at the ocean from our lounge.
Sand CrabSand Crab
Sand Crab

These little sand crabs are all over, and very fast. One even challenged Alex to a pinch-off.
Our BungalowOur Bungalow
Our Bungalow

This is a shot of our bungalow from the beach.
Attack of the Crab!Attack of the Crab!
Attack of the Crab!

Hermit Crabs will come out of their shells if properly provoked.
Another Beautiful SunsetAnother Beautiful Sunset
Another Beautiful Sunset

Here is another colorful picture of the sun setting over the ocean.
Friendly VisitorFriendly Visitor
Friendly Visitor

This tree frog found his way into our bathroom the last day of our stay. He gave Chris quite a start.

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