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January 9th 2014
Published: January 13th 2014
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So our wonderful time in Khao Sok with Pu came to and end with a 1 1/2 hr long tail trip with him back to the jetty. Beautiful! A bit of reverse culture shock leaving the peace and quiet. We were all reunited with his wife and children and as usual his daughter wanted to come with Daddy. So we were bundled into his old pick up for the return journey to town where we would catch the first of two buses back to Kuraburi. As we started off it appeared little one needed a nappy change. So out Pu got with daughter under arm to deal with it. After a few minutes he appeared back with her clothes and a bag of nappies and a naked daughter following behind who climbed in with me. I was then handed a nappy and clothes. Luckily they were the pull on ones. So as we charged along I was putting on nappy and clothes much to his daughters amusement.

So after goodbyes all round we had the delight of a two hour wait in the boiling hot sun at the side of a six lane highway for the first of our two buses. Witnessed an accident. Not serious! We eventually got back to Kuaburi later that evening tired and ready for food and bed before setting off the next day for Little Koh Chang.

The journeys getting to destinations and the types of transport are all part of travelling around Thailand and today was no exception. Another 2 1/2hrs in a bus, taxi to pier and then the best bit to the island in a large long tail boat. The boat is packed and all the luggage (mostly rucksacks) are piled up on the fron of the boat. It is an hour crossing. No pier at our destination. The boat has several places it stops around the island to drop passengers. He gets as close up on to the beach as he can manage depending on the ride and then the luggage is carried off above heads while we jump down into the surf to be met by a cheery Bea. Our bags have already been taken to our bungalow for us. We are shown around and then we are to explore our home for Christmas. Very exciting. Cashew Resort consists of a group of wooden bungalows spaced out along a stretch of Ao Yai beach in the shade of the trees. When approaching the island from th sew very little accommodation is visible. There are no resorts, hotels, swimming pools, clubs, shopping malls, roads. There is electricity from 6.00 - 10.00pm each day and cold running water. Absolute bliss!! One of the few unspoiled Thai Islands mainly because it doesn't have electricity and all that comes with it!

Now we were originally going to be staying there for four days but as friends were going to be there we had decided to go earlier. It was a very good decision! Time while we there became irrelevant. We slept when tired and when it was dark. Got up when it was light and ate when we were hungry. We very quickly TOTALLY RELAXED! Walking the few feet from our bungalow onto the beautiful beach, swimming in the warm sea, having a massage to the sound of the waves breaking on the beach. Even when the island was fully booked we could walk onto the beach and only sea a handful of people.

So the days passed in a very similar vein leading up to Christmas with very little sign on the island that it was fast approaching. The odd decoration appeared here and there and I as others had a few twinkly lights to decorate our bungalow with. So the morning of Christams Day arrived. Opened the door to beautiful blue sky and sunshine for a change! We opened the cards we had for each other and from home and hung them over the hammock, wished each other Merry Christmas and went for a swim before breakfast. The rest of the day was much like the others, wonderful. Nothing to shop for. No cooking to do! A swim in the morning followed by a walk along the beach and breakfast. We lazed on our verandah most of the day and then in the evening Cashew Resort where we were staying was having a barbie on the beach with a bonfire.

Is was a lovely evening and the food was delicious. Aromatic masaman curries, barbecued chicken, pork and fish, salads, garlicky morning glory followed by fresh fruit all washed down with cold bottles of Chang beer. Lanterns were lit and floated off into the night sky as people sat and chatted around the bonfire. Perfect!


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