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January 23rd 2018
Published: January 23rd 2018
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Get ready because today was INSANE. I woke up around 6:30 because I needed to be on the beach. I went out to the water and sat on the lounge chairs. The sun was already up and warm. One of the workers came up to me and offered to get me coffee. On the beach. Paradise. I immediately called my mom to rub it in her face. She didn’t appreciate that. We ate breakfast around 7am and it was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in Chiang Mai or America. They had Western classics (waffles, crepes, omelets, etc) that I was immediately drawn to. After a couple of plates of food, we were ready to go SNORKELING! I had never been before so I was pretty nervous to learn how to breathe under water, but I got the hang of it pretty quickly. We got picked up right outside of the resort and the boat was driven to a tiny little island like 4 minutes away. I hopped in the clear water and got straight to it. I was literally swimming with the most amazing creatures I have ever seen in my life. It’s like the movies. I saw some rainbow fish, some sea cucumber (slimy turd as I call them), and tons of sea urchins. We have an amazing and creative God and I was reminded of that when I went to this place and saw all of the creatures living under water. We made a couple of stops and were out there until about 1. We swam, snorkeled, and fed the fish. It was magnificent, especially since the view was of Koh Chang and everything was so blue. When we got back to the resort, I jumped into the pool before getting ready for lunch (we were going out). For lunch, we went out to a little restaurant up the island a ways and had soup, chicken, rice, and fried egg (classic Thai food). I was informed that my whole face was red but I wasn’t worried about it…should’ve been a bit more concerned. We got back to the resort and I immediately went back to the beach (I’m a beach bum, I know). Sarah and I took a kayak out and went exploring for a little bit around the island. We got back to the resort and took a dip into the pool.

(disclaimer: there is nudity in this next story.) So, many different people from different parts of the world stay at this resort. I saw lots of speedos on men who probably shouldn’t wear them. Anyways, we were hanging out in the pool as the sun was setting (very picturesque) and this 60 or so year old man decides that this is the perfect time to change his speedo. In front of everyone. I felt that this was not the perfect time. I saw everything. Thank you sir, for that unforgettable experience in Koh Chang, I really don’t appreciate it.

After that whole debacle, I went upstairs to wash my eyes out and get ready for dinner. There was a seafood barbecue for dinner. They had tons of food and you got to pick which seafood you wanted and they would cook it for you how you wanted. The shrimp was the size of my face, so super intimidating all around. After dinner, there was a fire show. These seem to be really popular in Thailand because this isn’t the first one I have seen. It was awesome, though. The men literally spin fire (as the title suggests). After the show I went on a quick walk down the beach and headed up to bed. It turns out I got pretty crispy in the sun. I look like a tomato, but it was definitely worth it.


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