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Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Chumphon February 3rd 2017

Just hours ago we were in a very touristy area, with a few older travellers, but predominantly a young demographic gathered to learn how to dive and party on after. We spent a good forty five minutes in line with a zillion tourists leaving Koh Tao on the same ferry as us this morning. But when we arrived on the mainland, almost all of them disappeared into a number of waiting buses and continued on to Bangkok, while we chose to stay in the town of Chumphon, to pick up our flight tomorrow morning. We realized on the half hour ride inland to the city, with only about ten others on the near empty bus, that Chumphon is not a tourist destination. Just a regular city. Clean, nice enough, but not situated on beaches, or near ... read more
Train Station in Chumphon
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Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Chumphon February 27th 2015

Allt är krångligt, och samtidigt väldigt lätt i Thailand. Som turist är det som ett dagis, alla vet att man har pengar, och man blir omhändertagen av 20 thailändare vart man än går. Taxi? Bara att gå till sidan av vägen och ställa dig. 10 sekunder senare stannar en taxi, chauffören frågar vart man ska och man gör upp om kostnaden i förväg. Det tar ett flertal försök med besvikna taxichaufförer innan man hittar en som inte tar 5 ggr ordinarie taxameterkostnaden. Vårt mål för dagen är Koh tao. En ö som är främst inriktad på dykning. Vi tar nattåget till en by som heter Chumphon. Svensk som man är dyker man upp 30 min innan tåget avgår, sätter sig på tåget och väntar 1.5 timmar innan det börjar rulla. Det är så saker sker i ... read more
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Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Chumphon August 20th 2014

Jo had booked what appeared to be a stunning little bungalow on the beachfront in Koh Tao, a small island in the Gulf of Thailand. We planned on getting in some diving and taking it easy for the remainder of the trip. This day was always going to involve alot of travel but we figured it worthwhile as Koh Tao looked like our kind of place. We were at the breakfast table around 0830 and by 0900 I had gassed up my bike for the final time and Jo had finished packing. We dropped the bikes back to Say Cheese Guesthouse and began asking around about how to get to Chumphon where we planned on taking a ferry to Ko Tao. There was one place that had a bus / ferry combo that unfortunately left at ... read more
Chalicha Resort

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Chumphon December 20th 2013

CHECK OUT ALL VIDEOS AND PICS AT THE BOTTOM Ferry logistics are a lot different than what you would expect in Europe. Every piece was unloaded and stapled one by one. About 15.000 eggs, wood, concrete, steel, toilets, tons of food, especially vegetables, fruit and spices, rice, beer, tires. They even unloaded bricks one by one from a truck. Just see the pics and videos. Some trucks unloaded a 100 bags and boxes and they were carried into different Areas of the Ferry, I have no idea how they were found again by the right Receiver. No gloves, no helmets, no security shoes. The only thing secured were the gasoline truck and our bicycles next to the “wall”. Crazy and so unique and lovely at the same time. ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Chumphon December 20th 2013

I felt somewhat relieved that this days’ route was only 45 km. However, after that 101 km ride, my body was not so happy to have to sit on the bicycle again, so it felt quite hard. At first I went to Chumphon railway station because I had read that all the ferry agents were there. Funny enough, googling for the coordinates of the night ferry did not bring up a real location, so I had to ask there. One Thai tried to sell me the speed boat ticket but after I told him that I want the night ferry, he even let me a map and pointed me to the right location. However it must have been the 100th copy of a copy and so I was quite happy to find signs to the ferry ... read more
to Chumphon
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Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Chumphon December 19th 2013

MORE PICS AT THE BOTTOM I need to make this short today, sorry. You will understand why. My plan is to reach the night ferry to Ko Tao tomorrow, so I needed to cover at least 75 km today. Unfortunately there were no bigger towns at that point but I spotted what I thought was a beach road and for the last 300 km there were always some resorts and guesthouses at the beaches. Alas – it was a hill road, no beach. So I followed the road until I finally found a guesthouse after 101 km… The good thing is that there are less than 50km to the ferry left. I got stung by something I collided with right into my lip. Hurt a while. And I stopped at a shipyard, asked if I could ... read more
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Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Chumphon January 29th 2013

After five days of beach-bumming, punctuated by the raucous Full Moon Party on the final night, it was finally time to leave the islands, and return back to the track leading to Bangkok. My next stop was Chumphon, the natural jumping-off point from the mainland to the islands. There aren't any real attractions in this small city per se, but it still sees many tourists in transit to the islands. It was here that my inhibitions from my Koh Phangan escapade caught up with me - as I began to feel the effects of food poisoning. I'm not sure exactly what it was, but I suspect it was the cold pizza I had from one of street vendors at the FMP. That ruined the day of my arrival in Chumphon, as I was basically bed- (and ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Chumphon December 24th 2012

Well friends and Bloggees, Bloom and his bum have returned to the road after 4 weeks of blessed R'n R mostly with her lovely self. After Lin disappeared into the bowels of Bangkok airport I returned to the city with a heavy heart and took the train back down to Chumphon where I'd left Koga Kit and some Kaboodle. Retrieved from the station left luggage room at 23.30hrs, got into a hostel by midnight and was up at 05.30 to catch the transport to the ferry over to Kho Tao. A small island in the gulf of Thailand which specializes in Scuba. Did a quick refresher on the same day as I arrived and completed 4 dives over 2 days before getting a bit of an ear infection. The water looks gloriously clear but it isn't ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Chumphon July 18th 2012

Vanuit Ko Tao namen we de goedkoopste boot naar Chumphon. We vertrokken halverwege de namiddag en kwamen 's avonds laat toe. De rit duurde een goeie 4 uur. In de haven van Chumphon was er een gratis busje naar het stadscentrum. Van de 30 toeristen op de bus waren er slechts 2 die niet met de nachttrein naar Bangkok gingen, wij dus! We besloten om in Chumphon te blijven overnachten, wat de beste beslissing was! Een prachtige avondmarkt hebben ze daar! Chumphon is een goeie plek om 1 nachtje te blijven. Veel is er niet te doen, buiten de markt. Er zijn talloze straatstalletjes en vooral de desserts blijven ons bij. Heerlijke donuts en een soort oliebollen met suiker. Heerlijk! Er is niet veel keuze van hostels of hotels in Chumphon. Er zijn er slechts 3 ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Chumphon July 28th 2011

So, after a smooth night ferry, complete with beds, from Koh Tao we landed at Chumphon, right on the south western tip of Thailand. It was 5am and we hopped on a sangthaew to get to the train station. A train to Bangkok was scheduled for 6am and we got tickets for a paltry 80 baht each (less than a quid!). An announcement came over at 5.55 to say the train was delayed til 7.30. We whiled away the time playing cards (rummy) and noticed a swaying Thai guy watching with interest. When I got up to use the loo, he sat down and signalled to Mike that he wanted to play. Mike dealt him in. He then tried to bet, but Mike shook his head. They played several rounds (I was relegated to watcher) and ... read more
Passing goods on to the train!
A cute little train station
Mike on board

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