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Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Chalong April 16th 2012

So we reach the start of our south east Asia tour. Arriving in Phuket and to our friends Chris and Paula at there villa in Chalong. Lovely place with a private pool to dip in as it's averaging 34C at the moment with very little wind. Chalong has quite a big ex pat population so it wasn't long before we felt one of the crowd in Happy days bar. Chris took us up to soi dog foundation, a charity he's invovled with that helps street dogs. It appears there is a real divide about cruelty to animal here, dogs are often exported in terrible conditions to vietnam for food and the burmease do not like dogs and hurt them delibertately. recent case was the volunteers found a dog deliberately buried in concrete. Took the guys ages ... read more
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Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Chalong October 30th 2011

A long absence from the blog but here is the update on the intervening months. On returning to Virginia Beach from 'out west' I enjoyed kayaking in the bay, dog walking Polar Express - Kelly and Craig's golden retriever puppy from the neighbourhood, cycling in the state park and visiting friends and sushi restaurants - such a change from papaya salad! We took a short trip to the UK as my children Natalie, Alastair and my parents Charmian and John were having the annual weeks holiday together and with it being the height of summer - it was the best time to be in England - barging on the canal, shooting clays, walking the hills and exploring historical local towns/castles. Towards the end of the vacation we were invited to join Norfolk friends Christie and Tom ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Chalong December 5th 2009

We spent a significant part of our time in Thailand in Ao Chalong because this is where our Thai friends stay and because it is just a nice town with everything you need. As well as our local friends, my dad has a Scottish friend who lives in Ao Chalong and we caught up with him a few nights. This Scottish friend is a bit of a gourmand whereas my dad judges the merit of a place based on cost (with the quality being in direct and inverse proportion to the cost - meaning the cheapest is always the best). Therefore, when my dad declared he would not be going to the new "farang" supermarket as it was too expensive, Scottish friend's only complaint with the store was the lack of choice of truffles on offer. ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Chalong November 10th 2009

I am getting a little behind in my travel blogs for a number of reasons - one of them being that I find I require at least 12 hours sleep a day (preferably comprising of 9 hours a night and a 3 hour afternoon nap). But I will attempt to catch up on what has been happening in the last week or so. Last Tuesday saw us arrive in Ao Chalong where we were eager to catch up with some Thai friends - Tipsy Lee (“Tip”), Wilaiwan, Poie (sp?), Oie ((sp?) - rhymes with Poie (sp?)). Whilst we find their names unusual, they feel the same way about ours, especially as some Thai people have difficulty with both a “th” and “r” sounds meaning that “Katherine” is generally said as “Kasslin”. To avoid these complications, Dad ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Chalong August 25th 2008

so i had such a good experience with pharmacies and clinics here that i thought i'd try my luck going to a dentist. i haven't been to one in 4 years, so i was a little apprehensive. dental work+language barrier = yikes. so the clinic is only open from 5pm to 8pm. and apparently they consider a "dentist's office" to be another country because i had to show my passport to get an appointment. i made an attempt to joke that i wanted a stamp in my passport for the dentist, but my humor was met with a vague chuckle of uncertainty. once in the chair, they covered my face with a little blanket that had a hole only for my nose and mouth and instructed me to open my mouth. it probably looked as if ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Chalong August 8th 2008

so i have this horrible infection in my leg and i had to go to a doctor today. because i went to a pharmacy before, which is kind of like a doctor, because EVERYTHING is over the counter here. ("valium? how much you need?") like, i was at the pharmacy and i said, "i burn my leg on a motorbike, and then i go to muay thai training, and somebody kick me, and now, infected." (i have learned to speak always in the present tense to clear up any confusion, especially with people in charge of my health.) and the pharmacist says, "oh, ok. bandaid?" and i say, "ok, do i need antibiotics?" she says, "you want?" and puts a tube of cream on the counter and i ask, "do i need antibiotics pills?" she says, ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Chalong August 2nd 2008

so i find myself once again in this island of phuket, part way through my month of muay thai training. and to be honest, the novelty has worn off, and i don't plan to pursue muay thai in the future. it is still enjoyable, but it is not a passion, and there are other things at this point that i'd rather be doing. that said, it has been easier to get into it this time around. i was sore again for 3 days, trouble walking down stairs, all that jazz, and clinching still makes my neck ache every time we do it, but it is physically easier, so i guess the previous month did pay off. unfortunately, it is mentally harder, to push myself to go to training in the first place. i have started sparring ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Chalong June 1st 2008

it is sunday! meaning that yesterday was my last day of training and i have made it through 4 full weeks of muay thai training! tonight i get on a bus to bangkok and leave behind the life of sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress, waking to roosters outside my window, going to yoga and training, jumping rope, wrapping my hands, hitting bags and kick pads, and hearing the trainers shout, "moa powa ledy, powa!" as i consider that there just IS no power left in this lady's body. since i was leaving soon, i made the effort to go to as many trainings as possible, even though i have been reinjuring my wrists and ankles every day. friday was particularly difficult. i think honestly, that 2 trainings a day is really just too much. if i ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Chalong May 27th 2008

on sunday (day off) annukka and i went on an elephant trekking tour. it was indeed very touristy, but sometimes you learn some pretty decent things from touristy treks. first we went on a water buffalo-pulled cart ride around a little recreated thai village. everything was miniature: a little rice paddy, a little grove of rubber tree plants, a little thai style house, etc. after this, we went in a boat with 6 other people and got taken out to chalong bay, at which point we got to paddle back in inflatable rafts. on the way back, we could see long-tailed somekindofmonkeys, which are one of the 3 types of monkeys in thailand. and apparently aren't friendly to humans. but due to our miserable paddling skills, we found ourselves unwittingly floating right for this dock on ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Chalong May 21st 2008

last night i put aside excuses that i was exhausted from two training sessions, and i went out to watch some fights in patong. watching muay thai fights is pretty cool in the first place (i saw some in koh phangan last year) but it is especially cool when one of your trainers is fighting. last night, one of our intermediate trainers, nazee, was the main event, the last fight. he was fighting this guy as a rematch. first of all, it was 300 baht for a bus to take us there and back, so aviad and i decided to take our motorbikes instead. it couldn't possibly be that difficult to find. famous last words. i have found that, when it comes to giving directions, thai people are far more friendly than they are knowledgable. we ... read more

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