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February 13th 2013
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2030 ICT

13 February 2013

Phra Nang Inn, Ao Nang, Krabi Province, Thailand

Once world travel was possible for more than a Navy or spice traders, it's no wonder that artists have found this part of the world. Gaugin found a new set of colors in Tahiti. Hemingway found a bar in Singapore. The land, the sea, the sky are all a different palette and seem to mean different things here. Authors could both find inspiration for words they were missing or find that there are no words left to describe what God has created in this world.

Ao Nang Beach is listed in the Rough Guide as basically nothing special compared to the other beaches in the area but it's the most beautiful place I have ever seen. I havent made it to Phra Nang cave beach yet though. I am likely to eat these words. in any case... Forget my earlier statements about ocean city. That exists maybe on the street, but once you climb down off the concrete boardwalk into the beach, it's pretty much 360 degrees of not seeing any evidence that mankind is here, aside from the boats anchored in the water, begging to be photographed in that exotic fashion. There's no one within 100 yards of me, the sun is setting and my view is only obstructed by the limestone karsts penetrating the horizon.

After the sun goes down, these neon lights are lit up basically as far as I can see. Perhaps like little lighthouses to mark the karsts that would so easily wreck anything in the dark. At that distance I can not tell. One boat seems lit up like a lantern approaching the shore now, so I guess those green lights aren't boats. A girl hops off the boat and wades towards the shore and yells something maybe in English. At least not an Asian language, I am too far to tell. A few minutes later, a group of maybe 8 or 9 march through the shallows from the boat in formation. At the end of the beach, a series of steep concrete steps will tiring them up to street level. Clearly this time, an Amercan male yells "keep them level" as they moved up the steps. They moved up onto the street out of my view.

A few minutes later they slowly returned to the boat, almost in the same formation. Ao Nang was silent as they trudged through the dark water back to their long tail boat, still lit up like a lantern against the black bay.


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