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December 11th 2009
Published: December 11th 2009
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When we flew out of Hanoi we went on a two day mission to get to Ko Pha-ngan. We flew into Bangkok airport did a bit of shopping and eating in the MBK shopping centre and then got on a night train to Surat Thani that evening. Next morning we got a bus and then boat to return to the island where we spent a few days with Cathal and Meave for the Full Moon in November. This time we were returning to meet up with Tim and Sarah for another few nights of moon worshiping.

For the first few days we went to the quite part of the island to a resort. It was quite nice but we didn’t fancy staying long as it was a bit too quiet. Instead we went booked into a bungalow in ‘party central’ and got a good deal for five nights. Last full moon we paid €14 for a room, this time we paid €6. Although it didn’t have air-con, TV or a swimming pool, it still did the job and suited our diminishing pockets a bit better! We booked in there with an Icelandic couple and Tim and Sarah. There were a lot more people at this Full Moon party compared to the last but it is high season now. The next Full Moon Party falls on Dec 31st and I can only imagine how big that will be.

After finishing in Ko Pha-ngan we went to Ko Tao, a small island and hour and a half away. This is one of the best diving spots in the world and although we fancied trying a bit of scuba diving, it would have cost us a weeks living. We like our snorkelling anyway, so that keeps us happy! Anyway, our mission for the last few days (cant believe I just typed that) is to sit back, relax and enjoy the sun. At least when it comes out!! The weather has been patchy to say the least but has picked up over the last few days. Myself and Tim enjoyed a few cool Beer Chang’s in the shade while the girls rotated likes chickens in and oven, trying to make the most of our last few days of sun, before we return to Ireland and hibernate for the winter (which means for 50 weeks of the year!!). Tim and Sarah plus Pete and Vicky (friends we met through Tim and Sarah) are all heading to Australia and New Zealand in the next few days. I’m sure we wrecked their heads on what they should and shouldn’t do while in Australia and NZ but others did it too us so we were just following the trend.

We got a message from Katy (who we met in South America, New Zealand and Australia) saying best of luck with our journey home and she will see us soon in Ireland, so a big Hello and see you soon to Katy from both of us. As my last blog (coming to your screens on Dec 19th) will say, South America is probably the place we enjoyed the most and will have the fondest memories of.

After leaving Ko Tao we made an other, and very hopefully, final hard journey of our travels. We took a night boat, leaving at 9pm and arriving at 4am in Surat Thani. The night boat had beds but basically it was two large single beds between six people. Ok if you’re a small Thai person and not really for us oversized westerners. Michelle made the fatal mistake of going to the toilet and the girl beside her took a few extra inches too herself. It was an uncomfortable journey and one we will not be missing. As glamorous as travelling sounds, the journey between places can be torture, and luckily, most of the time, the final destination is worthy of the pain suffered.

We are going to spend our last few days camped out on the beaches of Ao Nang. The weather at the moment is perfect so we are making the most of it. We also took a day trip to Railay beach. We did one of the most bazaar things of our nine months travelling. We put on sun cream on the beach while listening to Christmas songs on our mp3 player. Normal for some, but strange to us. There is little or no sign of Christmas here so we have to make do with our mp3 players for now. We have also gone through two laptop chargers in two weeks. Our one from home tried it’s best but couldn’t last the pace and one we bought in Bangkok to replace it, gave up after two weeks. Hopefully this one can see us all the way to Galway. Even though they were €20 each, we can watch dvd’s in the evenings instead of heading down to the local and spending €20 a night!

So it’s official, this is my penultimate (I found that word in the Thesaurus) blog. Second last to you and me. I’ve written over 100 for the 9 months we’ve been gone and hopefully the next one will not be our last one, but it sure hell could be a while before another!!

In a bit. DH

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13th December 2009

Awwwwwhhhh....that was a kinda sad blogg, nearing the end, ul have to start writing them of ur typical days in galway when ye get 7 days woooohhh!! enjoy the last few days :)

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