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February 1st 2008
Published: February 1st 2008
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We're back in thailand. We decided to stay in railay which was famous for rock climbing only to chicken out once we saw the rock faces! Very scary. We stayed in this cute little bungalow. At night it was a bit scary walking around in the dark with all the strange insect sounds. You'd think I'd be accustomed to it! We basically lie on the beach and eat all day. We also went to a reggae bar. Reggae is very popular in thailand and malaysia which is very surprising. The people are a great fan of Bob Marley! Every town we went to were thai reggae bars. It was very nice. we sat on mats listening to bob marley and drinking daiquaries and singha beer! Although very far railay is my favorite beach.
Our next stop was Ao Nang whch is very touristy so not our first choice but it was easier to stay there and go island hopping from there. Ao Nang is pretty much full of 2 weeks jet setters. Lotta old people in bathing suits! eek! We stayed there for 3 nights but during the day we did day tour to Ko Phi PHi island, maya island, monkey island, bamboo island ( we didn't see bamboo on the island!). The beaches are amazing especially bamboo island. The water was so clear and beaches so clean and natural. We also did some snorkeling. I can't swim so I was terrified to snorkel in deep waters...stefi had to literally hold my hands. I did snorkel a lot in the shallow water but there wasn't as much to see. Stef and I were not the best combination to go snorkeling. I was afraid of the water and stef was afraid of the fishes!
We're now in Ko lanta, which is awesome. We're staying in the bungalow that has now roof over the bathroom! The view above when you go to the bathroom is ah-mazing. At night there are sooooooooo many stars it gives going to the bathroom a new meaning! The bungalow is very cute and it's right next to the beach. Last night we watch the sun set and then promptly got attacked by mosquitos! We saw a popular thai reggae singer, Job 2 Do, last night. He was playing on the beach. It was so good sitting on the beach listening to reggae. Then the rude tourists got drunk and abnoxious so we left!
We're now headed to the beach. Have I mentioned that it is hot hot hot???? Hope we can find shade on the beach. I'm a dark as ever and Stef is sunburnt!!!
I'll write again from Phuket.


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