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February 21st 2018
Published: February 21st 2018
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Saturday 17 February 2018

A good nights sleep. Weather hot and sunny.

After chatting we decided on a beach day today.

At 11.00 am we left the room. A stroll up to the coast to see what was happening with the boats, then along to find a place on the beach. All very busy, but we squeezed into a spot in the shade. Turned out to be a good place which kept the sun off us most of the day.

I had a passion fruit and ice drink, Pat had a Chang beer. We popped in and out of the water. We had sandwiches and drinks at the beach cafe behind for lunch and eventually left at 2.30 pm and sauntered back.

A quiet afternoon and we were hungry, leaving the room about 7 pm, we thought to give a place called the Aonang Orchid a try, as we liked the look of it.

It was reasonably busy but a table was found, we ordered a few thai dishes and they didn't take long to turn up.

The dishes are somehow never quite what you think you have ordered, but as always it's food so, what the hell. The specific dish that Pat had ordered, Chicken Pad Thai was a little spicy, but just about ok for her. Mine was chillies galore and blew my head off. The third dish was like a ramon, with beef and vegetables in a broth, very nice.

The restaurant was a little chaotic and we had to ask for cutlery when the food arrived, but the food was ok. Perhaps a little too busy for it's own good.

We ate up and paid and headed for the coast. The usual sightseeing and then home for 9.30.

Sunday 18 February 2018

We decided on a stroll away from the coast heading inland today. Weather hot and sunny.

We left the room at 11.00 am and strolled along. Eventually we got to Tesco Lotus, which had a cafe adjacent. I had a kiwi soda, Pat had an iced Latte and we shared a choux pastry thing. It was all lovely and only cost 180 baht (£4).

We walked a little further but then turned round and headed into the Tesco Lotus shop and purchased some supplies. Another amble homewards with a stop at JE Cafe for a little something. Pat had toast, I had an omelette and we both had drinks, just what we wanted and again inexpensive. Then home, back at 2.00 pm.

Unusually the room had not been cleaned. Pat went off for a swim. The maid came later but just gave us clean towels and our bottled water for today.

Later we talked about revisiting Boat Noodle for something to eat. We left the room about 7 pm and walked towards the restaurant. Turns out it was shut. As we walked back, Pat spotted the Diver's Inn and after looking at the menu decided to give it a try. When we entered the staff advised there was an upstairs if we wanted, We said we would look and after going up, decided to stay there. It was actually quite romantic. The menu had extensive European options, along with Thai food, Pat chose meatballs and I had Roast Chicken Hawaii. These both came with salad which was a buffett style help yourself, downstairs.

We gathered our salad downstairs and our main dishes arrived. All excellent. We were also given firewater with the bill. Overall not cheap but well worth it. A stroll up to the coast and a walk along the beach this time, with our shoes off.

Back to the room for 9.30 pm.

Monday 19 February 2018

A visit to Poda island today. 7 kilometers by longtail boat from Aonang, about 25minutes.

Weather hot and sunny. Left the room at 10.45 am and strolled up to the boat ticket office, paid the 600 baht for our trip. We were advised regarding the payment of the National Park fee of 400 baht per person on arrival.

We went where we were pointed in the port area and found our waiting place. They are actually very well organised. After a few minutes enough people had gathered to fill a boat, about 7 of us and we headed off to the waters edge. All clambered on and we sat in the bow in the sunshine. 25 minutes and we arrived on Poda. Not too many people. Told to return to the boat at 4 pm.

A saunter round for a while then found a spot in the shade. As we were getting our towels out, a monkey walked by! We settled in the shade and popped in and out of the water. Pat did some snorkelling. I saw some colouful fish not far from the edge and one time a fish nibbled the cord on my trunks.

At 1.30 pm we went to the beach shop and bought some pringles and water for our lunch. After sauntering around this seemed to be the only place selling anything. No beers by the way. I managed to buy a corn on the cob, as we left and it was really tasty.

Back to our spot and we soaked up some sun and swam. At 3.30 pm we packed up and headed slowly back to the boat area.

Our people all seemed to be there and we headed back before 4 pm. A beer was in order upon our return and we went straight to Cafe 8.98 for a drink. Pat had a small Chang and I had a passion fruit soda. The drinks went down quickly and as we were finishing and paying the bill thunder could be heard.

The rain started and by the time we returned it was getting quite heavy. It then led to a heavy downpour, thunderstorm and lightning. Power went off for 10 minutes.

After another 30 minutes it was all calm again.

The sun had tired us out, but we were hungry. There was an Italian restaurant called Spaghetti house not far down the road, so we thought we would try it. Left the room before 7 pm and it was open and busy, but still had some tables available. Pat had the Spaghetti Carbonara and I had the pizza Diavalo. The food was lovely but spoilt by a Dutch couple who sat next to us and starting smoking as we were eating, some people are so inconsiderate.

Back to the room for 8 pm.

Tuesday 20 February 2018.

Weather hot and sunny. There was some shopping to be done today.

Left the room at 10.45 am and dropped off some washing next door. Washing is 40 baht per kilo (under £1) and we left 4 kilos today. Wash and iron is 60 baht per kilo. There are self service washing machines in various places on the streets, but we get ours done for us.

Over to Starbucks and an iced frappe and mango passion fruit juice to start the day. Next was a walk to the shop that Pat had spotted sold the screen printed sarong she had purchased here 25 years ago. They are brightly coloured fish and it is beautiful. She told the lady about her other one lasting 25 years and she said it may have been her that sold that one. They are made locally.

Back the way we came and Pat spotted the rainbow coloured dress she wanted. Then into walking street and purchased some pashminas / scarves and in a different shop some baggy trousers.

Time for refreshments, so off to Blue Anchor for a beer and a sprite.

We left there but decided we ought to eat something but were not starving so went to Black Canyon coffee which does sandwiches and my favourite drink Butterfly Pea Soda (The purple drink).

Then an amble back to the room for 2.45 pm.

7 pm we left the room picked up our latest laundry load and quickly dropped it back in the room. Then off for another visit to Aonang Boat noodle for our dinner, we chose different things from last time and it was all lovely.

Then an amble up to the coast after a few more purchases from the stalls on the side of the road. Pat is getting really good at the price haggling business.

Near to the beach is a little bar literally on the street and they do takeaway cocktails with bar stools at the window / counter. Every time we have walked past, I encourage Pat to have a drink, which she normally declines, tonight she took up the offer and had a mojito. I had a sprite and we managed to get a barstool, drinking while the world walked by.

Then a visit to the port area for a look and the back to the room for 9.30 pm.


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