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One thing we had been looking forward to was a day trip to Ang Thong National park. We had planned to do it last year when we were on Koh Samui but after Paul's motorbike accident it wasn't to be. After researching a bit, we decided to book a speedboat tour to the national park (1600 baht each inc lunch and snorkelling equipment), after the boat ride to Koh Phangan we didn’t fancy the slower boat! Ang Thong literally translates as "golden bowl" and is a protected national park with over 40 islands. All of the islands are uninhabited and undeveloped except for two of them (one has sea gypsies living on it and the other is the national park headquarters).Everything went very smoothly, our pick up was even early! We sat on the back of ... read more
Our boat
Us overlooking Emerald Lake
Family shot at Koh Wua Talap

The 100 Degrees East Diving Team had a personal transport pick us up at the hotel this morning at around 8:45. The driver was right on time and we were on our way. Like most taxi/trasports, he drives on both sides of the road, completely disregarding traffic laws. It leads to some tense moments, but you get there quickly. Once we got to the dive shop, we had to fill out the usual liability release paperwork saying that if we died it wasn't their fault. Typical stuff. We waited for about 30 minutes for everyone to show up, and then we were off! The boat ride takes about an hour, and the first item on the agenda was a snorkeling outing next to a huge rock island. They gave each of us goggles, a snorkle, and ... read more
Island 2
Emerald Lake
View from Emerald Lake

The Beach Bobbing along on this rickety boat, we couldn't fathom there being anyone else in the world. Turning in every direction, the excited blue sky blanketed us; the harbour rapidly morphed from a busy port, to a speck of grey, to an enchanting mist. Everything would disappear in a moment behind the wake of the boat. Shockingly beautiful, randomly placed rock formations would rise up infront of our eyes, quickly to recede again into the velvet mist. This stunning national treasure was protected so- Ang Thong National Marine Park. Looking at the film, 'The Beach', you'd see parts of it were filmed in amongst these rocks, in the crevaces of the caves, and above the breathtakingly real lime waters circling a mysterious chemistry of lime rocks. So, Mr. DiCaprio would have sailed these waters, ... read more

Fortunately for us, the Lompraya ferry from Koh Tao offers a "take you to your hotel" ground service which was great, as I had booked the "Easy Time" on the opposite side of the island from where we arrived. The Easy Time had "pick up service", but it was the last thing on Massimo's mind, to pick us up. He was way too busy running the hotel, which he had designed. The restaurant, bar and computer were all open air and outside, no locks on anything. It was a great place and we also enjoyed Massimo, who was half Armenian and half Italian and had two foot long dreadlocks. What a wonderful restaurant. I had lasagne and Dane had a calzone, both meals remarkable. We really did not have enough time to enjoy Samui like we ... read more
Koh Samui morning
We made it!
Emerald lake

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ang Thong Marine NP January 11th 2010

Day 19 - Monday, Jan 11 - Angthong National Marine Park Tour Again, we had fun in the sun all day today. We got picked up at 8:30 am at the hotel. Our boat left at 9:30 am. Our first stop was at snorkeling area by Angthong marine park. Ken & I snorkeled for the entire hour we were given and did not get out of the water. The water was very warm and there were many colorful fish and colorful coral. Then, we went to into the Angthong National Marine Park consist of 42 islands within the area of about 102 square kilometers. We had served lunch at a beautiful beach on one of the islands. Although some people went kayaking, Ken and I just relaxed and enjoyed the beach. Then, we went to one ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ang Thong Marine NP November 11th 2009

The title says it all. This is a wonderful place. To arrive here you have to ride a boat. Our trip was a long one because we took a slow boat that took us round to other places. Our trip was about 8 hours but we stopped to snorkel, kayaking , swimming sunbathing and eating. It was a nice trip although I had a serious hang over. Its nice to spend your days with such activities. How we new about this place?? Here was part of a movie called "the beach" of Leonardo de Caprio. The first time I came to Thailand I only new about Phi phi island that was in that movie , this was all new for me. Here is an island with a big basen inside it. For farangs the way on ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Lot of stairs

Kayaking! Our second full day in Samui didn’t begin until about 2pm…… we rolled out of bed our stomachs rumbled and once again food was on order. Eventually, with the mixed weather conditions, the sun finally shone through the blackened clouds and we hit the beach for a couple of hours, enjoying the golden sand and clear blue sea. I have to say it was a different league to our beach holiday last year! This was probably one of the most unproductive days of the trip so far as we continued to make the most of the sun, taking obscure photos until sunset. Evening came and we prepared for the following day………. After a day of rest, we were ready for more action. We had booked a tour to Anthong National Marine Park - west of ... read more
Drives doing his job well
Whistle alert!
Fellow kayakers

The day started off pretty early on a very posh but very very full speed boat. It was the most expensive trip we have been on so far and possibly the worst but we still had a good day. The first bay we pulled in to snorkel at was absolutely packed with about 10 boats and lots of snorkellers, as our boat reversed the motors went straight into the face of a japanese lady who was in the sea, it was not a pretty sight and slightly un-nerving! The snorkelling was ok but i made a hasty retreat to the boat as it was more like a boat park! After this we weaved in between some of the 41 uninhabited islands and then made our way to a deserted beach (Along with the other 50 people ... read more
Wicked caves
Sphinx rock - can ya see it?
Is it worth the walk?

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ang Thong Marine NP February 2nd 2009

I had taken notice of all the speedboats out on the water on previous days that we'd been out to Sea, and having grown up vacationing with my cousins who had a boat...memories of wind whipped hair, rosy cheeks and pure summer-fun exhaustion from skiing and tubing all day were enough to set my next plan in motion. This was also the last day my mom would be here, and she too is an avid boat rider, so we go ahead and book the trip on 'The Jazz' to swiftly drive us to Ang Thong National Marine Park. Here's where my problem is...cause you didn't think I wasn't gonna have one with the way I strolled down memory lane and all, did you? Well, I had expectations, so shoot me. These expetations were formed from previous ... read more
Salt water Lagoon
Longtails from above
Lower view from the stairs

By 7:30 am we were on our way to Ko Ang Thong Marine Park, which also happens to be where the book "The Beach" was set, and for good reason! This 42 island archipelago is a national park about 2 hours by ferry from Koh Samui. There are many tours that head there during the day, but very few, like our group, are lucky enough to spend the night. In total we spent 3 nights on this secluded paradise! There were a couple of short hikes/scrambles that I did: one to the "View Point", where I was able to see the entire group of islands! The other was climbing through a cave, which was magnificent! Once you got over the heat it was amazing to see the rock formations and the forest peaking through at the ... read more
Scramble to viewpoint

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