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Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Loei May 9th 2012

"Troubles, you see, is the generalization word for what God exists in. The thing is not to get hung up." ......................Jack Kerouac This could just as easily have been titled The Travels of a Postmodern Monk: Zen by Zak and the Art of Motorbike Abuse. Much of my recent visa run to Laos involved riding over 1,400 miles (2,281km) on my (vintage 2004) 100cc Honda Wave Scooter. I found myself riding over mountain ranges, through cities, towns, villages and along the roughly paved borderlands of Thailand and Laos. Along the way, I incurred three flat tires and somehow cluelessly ran the engine without oil for a long stretch in the afternoon heat. This doesn't include another 700 mile journey in which I returned to the Thai-Laos border, by bus, to pick up the visa I had ... read more
Khon Kaen City
Along the Mekong: Nongkhai

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Loei March 3rd 2008

Every guide book we've read lists Loei as a concrete wasteland; a town of no significance not worth a second glance. Julija wanted to see it anyway, mainly because of the Chateau de Loei Winery, which is one of the only established wineries in SE Asia. I was immediately proud of myself for negotiating a 30B tuk-tuk ride to our guesthouse, an unheard-of fair for such a distance. Our guesthouse, Sugar GH, was charming and clean, run by an attractive young Thai girl, who our soon-to-be friend, Seth, from Alaska, became enamored with. We took a nice walk around town and the man-made lake in its center, which is filled with sacred carp, and gawked at the womens' hilarious massive aerobics workout in the park. We got some soup at a quaint little restaurant where we ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Loei February 3rd 2008

The Chinese new year was fast approaching and one resolution the people of the East make every year is to de-clutter. I think these last two years I may be taking this custom a little too seriously as after clearing away my property, car, stuff and now internal body colon clutter I felt it was time for me to de fragment and empty my muttering mind with a seven day consciousness enema. I found an organisation that seems to be right up my street, it is called The Middle Way they practice a form of Buddhism I had never heard of before, DHAMMAKAYA. Dhammakaya is a Pali word meaning Enlightenment Dhamma means truth, pure nature and Kaya means the body, this dates back more than 2500 years ago,but was lost to the world after the Buddha ... read more
Bhadant V. Mahathero
I see all
Phra Prasan

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Loei July 4th 2007

Loei is a provincial cow town. In the showrooms on the access road coming into Loei, there are only a few more mopeds and pickup trucks on display as tractors and roto-tillers. Mine is among the few Western faces in town others have seen. When passing in front of a high school schoolyard for boys, they point at me with index fingers extended, “Farang, farang!” Stares around town are commonplace. I feel like the featured caged zoo animal of the month at Busch Gardens. When I arrived by tuk-tuk at my guesthouse, I asked the proprietress if she had a room. She went to her registration booklet and studied it. “Yes, I think I can give you”, she paused to review it once more, “Number one. With aircon.” Wonderful. I put my pack down, relieved. Pat ... read more
Welcome to the Chateau de Loei!!!
Administrative Buildings
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