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January 29th 2015
Published: January 30th 2015
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Hi Everyone,

So today we had an early wake up of 6.30 as we had a tour to a hot spring, the white temple, Chiang Rai, the golden triangle and a village tribe booked for the day.

It didn't start great as they picked us up 25mins late at 8.05 (hate there random 07.15-7.40 pickup times)

Once picked up we got put at the back of the bus which was the most cramped seats, our knees where killing. There was a good mix of ages and nationalities on the trip, so there were Belgium's, Dominican Republican, Canadians, Australians, French and English.

Our guide for the day was a Thai guy called Oak, he was a funny and informative guy. We had an hours drive to the hot spring, Oak said it was not that good but mainly a stop off to have a toilet break and to get some breakfast. It was ok just a hot spring shooting water up, it stunk like sulphur which was horrible but good pics!!!

We headed off to next to the white temple, when we arrive I think everyone was blown away how amazingly beautiful it was. If you loo at the pictures you can see for your self!! It was built 19 years ago and is still being added to on the site. Oak said it will be completed in a 100 years from now!! The temple shows going from hell up to heaven, it was built by a thai athlete Ajarn Charm Chai who came back and wanted to build a temple for the Buddhists, people and the King and Queen.

Our next stop was for lunch, they took us to a free buffet restaurant, it was nice. As it was located in the golden triangle area they had Burmese food, Laos food and of course Thai food. My favourite was the freshly made noodles in broth!!! So good!!! (i added loads of extra spice!!!) Also they had these amazing thai pancakes made with coconut milk, Vick loved these sprinkled with sugar!! (it had carrot in as well which was strange!!)

After lunch we headed down to the golden triangle. It was the point where all three countries met. It is called the golden triangle due to they used to meet here to buy opium and paid for it with gold and then transported it into whichever country from here. It was nice to see again they love having capstones around to mark places. We got some good photos around this area, as normal for the Thais, they love there massive golden Buddha's so we got a pic of it for you!!!! They had loads of bric a brac shops around but nothing really worth buying around here!!!

We next headed to the most northern part of Thailand Mae Sai, It has a capstone and arch showing this and it is the border crossing to Burma (Myanmar). It was a dump really full of shit shops but nice to say you have been to the most northernly point!!! (had a horrible french couple who moaned at everything and wanted to cross the border and shop but we only had a 20 min stop so they disappeared then turned up 30 mins late!! Everyone hated them for it and didn't speak to them)

Our final stop was to a hill village tribe to see how they lived, I had been to one in Chiang Mai 3 years before and this was nothing like it. These people came out trying to sell us bands and other crap but making out they were poor, however we saw they had laptops and internet so.... not that poor!!! Oak told us about this swing they had which the boys/men would go on to see who could go higher, whoever could go higher would be picked to mate with by the girls as it showed they are the strongest in the tribe!!! (mental I know) It was ok but not very authentic, Oak our guide was not impressed with them.

We then had a 3 hour drive back which meant the tour was over an hour over time!!! So our plans for dinner went out the window!!! After what seemed forever we finally got back to Chiang Mai!!! Vick and I got out near the night market as she wanted a few things, we decided to have a walk back and pick up some dinner at a food stall however Vick ended up with a banana and chocolate Crape and I had 2 cheese and ham toasties from 7-11!!! (healthy dinner!!!)

Once back to the hostel we headed straight to bed!! I was awake still so loaded up photos of today on to this. (internet is ok here so have to use it while we can!!!)

Thats everything for now!! Heading out on another tour tomorrow elephant trekking and stuff but you can read about that tomorrow!!!

Love N&V x

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