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Nous nous étions dit : la Thaïlande, c’est parfait pour finir le voyage, finis les treks, finie la vadrouille, nous allons en profiter pour nous reposer sur les belles plages du Sud ! Mais trop de gens nous ont dit d’aller absolument voir le nord, alors nous nous laissons tenter. Certains nous ont dit que nous ne savons pas nous poser ! C’est peut-être vrai…:-) Nous découvrons une région splendide. Et ici les thaïs sont super sympas ! A Chiang Mai, nous arrivons au milieu des festivités pour l’anniversaire du Roi (la fête restant cependant assez modérée…) Nous nous laissons aussi tenter par un cours de cuisine. Il faut dire que la cuisine thaï est une des meilleures que nous ayons goûtées depuis le début du voyage ! Nous apprenons à préparer la fameuse pâte de ... read more
Tha Ton
White Temple - Chiang Rai
Province de Chiang Rai

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand December 3rd 2014

About 80 km through beautiful landscapes, up and down the hill. Enjoy the pics. After having arrived we found a Thai hotel for 900 Baht for a 3-beds bedroom and checked in. In the night Alex got sick and vomited a few times. Also I was feeling quite exhausted after the mountain and the long ride so we decided to stay 2 days and get our laundry done. Mo used the next day to ride up the highest mountain in Thailand – one of the hardest rides for bcyclists in the world and famous for it. With my deepest respect I must say he really did it! Congratulations!... read more
somewhere in Thailand
Water break
So green

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai December 2nd 2014

Cycling in Chiang Mai The guys decided to go up the mountain to the famous monastery/temple up there and so I followed them – stupid as I am. It was a tough ride, about 800 height meters on 12 km. While cycling upwards I saw many pickups bringing up people with bicycles just to let them ride down. That is not my style I thought and so I fighted my way up, curve by curve, meter by meter until with a final effort at the steepest last 200 meter I arrived at the temple – where I did not take the some-hundred stairs up but the lift J I documented the ride down with the GoPro and sped it up to reduce the 18 minutes downwards to 5. Have fun watching it! After that I returned ... read more
Doi Suthep temple
Doi Suthep donation temple
Me arriving at Doi Suthep

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai December 1st 2014

Many pics at the end of the page... So on Thursday I finally left Khanom. I felt a bit sad but on the other hand I was looking forward to experience something new. I took the night bus to Bangkok but us usually I did not sleep long or well in the bus. As always there was some water and a dinner included and there was also boss-strike weekend with my favourite game so I somehow managed to get over the night. As expected I arrived 4:30 am in Bangkok but not (as also expected) at the Southern Bus Terminal SaiTai but some station rather in the northern part of Bangkok. Well – a GPS always comes in handy… After arriving at the station, I assembled my bicycle again and waited for the sun to rise. ... read more
...and dissabsembled for the bus
...the bus
Early morning in Bangkok - ugly road

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai November 29th 2014

Unfortunately I couldn't post this before due to the spotty wifi on the island - so here is my overdue entry about the elephants. One of the things I wanted to do the most in Thailand was interact with elephants. I spent months researching elephant camps. I wanted to be very careful in which I chose. I wanted to make sure it was an actual sanctuary, that the elephants were not made to do any tricks, that they were not ridden, bullhooks were not used and the elephants were not chained at all. I ended up picking Elephant Nature Park and was blown away by their ethical devotion to saving elephants. ENP was founded by a woman named Lek. Not only does she rescue orphaned elephants and take in old or injured elephants, she also works ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai November 28th 2014

Ok kids, settle in. This is might be a long one! The day after my last post was our last day in Kanchanaburi. We left our bags with the guesthouse and walked down to the River Kwai bridge again. Next to the bridge is the Jeth War Museum. It is an odd little museum with donated items from wars around the world throughout time. Sprinkled in with this are things such as a room showing all different minerals and a mural of the Miss Thai winners from 1936-1970. Like I said, odd little museum. In the afternoon we caught a minibus back to Bangkok. This time it took 4 hours and I'm pretty sure the driver had made it his life's mission to see if he could make me vomit. It was a painful ride. We ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai November 24th 2014

Eigentlich eher zufällig habe ich mich heute mit meinem Visum für Thailand beschäftigt und musste dabei feststellen, dass ich - trotz Ein-Jahres-Visum - alle 90 Tage das Land verlassen muss. Bei der Wiedereinreise bekomme ich dann wieder einen Stempel für 90 Tage. Das muss frau zwar nicht verstehen, aber ich nehme es jetzt einfach einmal so hin. So werde ich dazu beflügelt, meinen Hintern hoch zu bekommen und mir einige Orte in Asien, die ohnehin auf meiner Liste stehen, auch wirklich zu besuchen. Noch schwanke ich zwischen Hong Kong, Hanoi und Taipei hin und her, aber vielleicht lande ich auch irgendwo in Malaysia. Mal schauen. Vor etwa 2 Wochen habe ich mir einen Wunsch erfüllt und mir ein Fahrrad gekauft. Mir wäre zwar ein Drahtesel aus dem Gebrauchtmarkt lieber gewesen, aber dort gab es nichts, was ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Rai November 24th 2014

CHIANG RAI This place can be summed up as my retirement home, its mint. Blurred vision, no energy, walking over 5 miles in excruciating sun, very little food and a 40 km Tuk Tuk ride to the house of dreams and sin. The White temple is too beautiful, the Black house too weird. The creator of the Black house was the teacher to the architect who built the White Temple, what a contrast and interesting alternative from the teacher’s dark twisted devil layer to the Polish Princess castle. Stopping smoking AGAIN makes it tough, the friendliness of the northern people is refreshing though. A well-travelled Geri had gave us loads of excellent tips for going on our travels, this has set the way to a blissful journey, even when the times are tough and the tempers ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Rai November 23rd 2014

Wat Rong Khun, oder der Weisse Tempel mehr dazu siehe hier: leider ist das Fotografieren drinnen verboten, denn die Wände sind mit Gemälden von Superman, Mondraketen, Raumstationen u.ä. bemalt. da hat sich jemand nicht an das Fotografierverbot gehalten: Chiang Khong und Huay Xai die beiden Städte liegen sich gegenüber, durch den Mekong getrennt. Chiang Khong in Thailand, Huay Xai in Laos. Banana Pancake Trail endlich hab ich ihn auf der Speisekarte gefunden, und extra um das Klischee zu befriedigen hab ich mir einen bestellt *gg* - das musste sein :-D url=ht... read more
Helloween again?
Wat Rong Khun

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai November 22nd 2014

Chiang Mai (3) Zwei Tage Trekking mit: Wandern Elefanten-Reiten Wandern übernachten Wandern im-Wasserfall-baden Wandern Rafting ... read more

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