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Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Mae Hong Son March 17th 2015

Lots of lovely things happened today that made me feel like I was settling in to my new surroundings. The first was that Ing-Ka suggested I try something new for breakfast. She clearly felt comfortable enough with me to criticise my rice-soup habit, and made me an omelette. Another thing was rearranging my bedroom (see picture). Another - Lii laughed when I asked her for a watermelon shake (to my un-Thai ears, the conversation went (me) "tang moo pan", (Lii) "eh?!??", (me) "tang moo pan", (Lii) continue to look blank, (me) *get watermelon from fridge, (Lii) "ah, tang moo pan", (me) "ban?", (Lii) "pan", (me) "pan", (Lii) *nods and smile "pan" then walks away laughing and talking about tang moo pan to the other Thai speaker). We played in the river with Dtae and he's getting ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Mae Hong Son March 15th 2015

We had tried to find this cave on Friday with Bobby and Ryan on their scooters. Today, this became a very long walk. Many flies, scratches, and bites later: still no cave.... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand March 14th 2015

Our first trip through the cave.... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Mae Hong Son March 12th 2015

Day 1 - Thursday 12th March. First full day in Cave Lodge. We arrived yesterday evening, unpacked and settled in. We booked onto a caving trip and ate a pad thai. Today we overslept, me in Jittra's room and Hollie in Mindy's room. I slept so well; it was surprisingly cool so I could curl up under my blanket. But Hollie couldn't sleep, hopefully the noisy Germans will be quiter tonight... After we got up we changed our minds about the caving trip so stayed at Cave Lodge all day. We washed up breakfast with Jittra and learnt some Thai. We then went to Soppong with Gai and learnt more Thai. He showed us around the market and took us on the scenic route home. We had lunch then walked down to the "swimming hole" and ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai » San Kamphaeng March 11th 2015

Im Moment versucht Chiang Mai wirklich, mir den Abschied so schmerzfrei wie möglich zu gestalten. Wir haben 38-40°C, seit Tagen habe ich nur tropfenweise Wasser im Haus und seit Tagen verspricht mir meine Vermieterin, dass der Klempner einen Wassertank und eine Pumpe installiert. Selbiger allerdings scheint Sri Lankaner zu sein, denn bisher ist er nicht aufgetaucht. Seit heute Vormittag tröpfelt das Wasser nicht einmal mehr, sondern hat sich schlichtweg gänzlich verabschiedet. Ich starre vor Dreck, meine Haare kleben (was nach einer Rollerfahrt mit Helm nicht verwunderlich ist), und meine Eimer und sonstigen Wasser-Behältnisse für Notfälle sind alle aufgebraucht. Bisher gab es nach 8 Uhr abends, wenn alle geduscht haben und das Geschirr abgewaschen ist, wenigstens spärlich Wasser, aber heute - nix - nada - niente. Ich weiß, das ist Jammern auf hohem Niveau, noch kann ich ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai March 8th 2015

Rising. 5 am. If I had not taken a vow of silence, there is little doubt that I would have complained to Sean about getting up so early. The things I do for the promise of enlightenment. This early, high in Northern Thailand mountains, the world is still covered in layers of dusk, more shadow then light, so I rise from bed and grope my way along walls out of my sparse room and to the bathroom. Feeling better after splashing water on my face, I return to my room to get dressed into meditation clothing. All white. Throwing the shirt over my head, I shiver. It is still cool and I am hungry. My last meal was at 11 am the day before. I check the clock, realizing that I need to hurry if I ... read more
The Shared Washroom
One of the Women's Buildings
The Path

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai » San Kamphaeng March 7th 2015

Habe ich vor wenigen Wochen noch gefroren, ist nun die "heiße Zeit" in Thailands Norden angebrochen und allenthalben herrscht Aufbruchstimmung. Februar und März bis zu Beginn der Regenzeit ist in ganz Südostasien traditionell die "burning season". Vor Beginn der Regenfälle werden die Felder durch gnadenloses Abbrennen jeglicher Reste der letzten Ernte auf die neue Aussaat vorbereitet. Durch die entstehende Asche erhofft man, den Boden zu düngen. Heutzutage allerdings nutzt man die Trockenzeit besonders in Indonesien auch dazu, ganze Wälder durch Feuer zu roden (um dann Palmen zur Gewinnung von Palmöl zu pflanzen). Dies führt zu einer ziemlich dicken und dichten Dunstschicht, die es zwar mit dem Smog in Beijing oder Shanghai noch nicht ganz aufnehmen kann, aber dennoch recht unschön ist. Während in Shanghai Luftverschmutzungswerte von 320 schon fast an der Tagesordnung sind, lie... read more
Antiker Tempel aus Teakholz

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai February 12th 2015

Our day at the elephant sanctuary was amazing. We had spent ages looking to find an elephant park that was not a show to watch elephants paint pictures or perform tricks, we wanted to experience what is was like to see an elephant in its own natural habitat, and that's exactly what we experienced. Despite the awful uniforms we were given to wear, the day was absolutely amazing! We fed the elephants bananas and sugar cane sticks, we also learnt about the work the sanctuary does and how the elephants at the sanctuary are all rescued from the shows and logging companies that use the elephants for working. Each elephant has its own assigned keeper and it was lovely to see the close connection between them. The nicest part was you actually got to know the ... read more
'Can I take this one home?' 🐘🐘🐘
So cute!
Making friends!

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai February 11th 2015

Chiang Mai was absolutely delightful, slightly cooler than the south of Thailand, and a real charming Thai city. As we emerged from the airport to see more than a hundred newly arrived tourists waiting for the official metred taxis, we deviated off to the right to flag down a red songthaew (a pick up with two bench seats), negotiated a 100 Baht fare and were soon at our hotel. Not something we would have been brave enough to do a few months ago! The old city of Chiang Mai is about one mile square and bordered by a wide moat which dates from 1296. There are ancient remains of the old walls in all four corners and large gates in the centre of each side of the square. The traffic runs clockwise around the outside of ... read more
The old city moat
In a tuk-tuk again!
A blessing from the Buddhist monk

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