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Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai January 23rd 2015

Today was like getting up for a shift!! alarm went off at 4.40! ouch!! for a 7.30 flight north to Chiang Mai - so got a taxi to the airport ( a 40 min ride costs 6 pounds!) but got stung by Air Asia for a extra fee of 20 pounds for excess baggage!!! wont be doing that again! An hrs flight and we landed at Chiang Mai for 9am so got to the hotel, had a bit of a nightmare with being offered a dirty room with someone elses clothes left in the wardrobe ( wouldnt of minded if they fitted!) so got upgraded. Headed out to the river ping and met a very nice american chap called Mike who offered to walk us up to a market - run by thais for Thais where ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai January 3rd 2015

I dragged myself out of bed, the only problem with sleeping so well the night before was it took me forever to get to sleep last night. I packed up my stuff and headed out to Thanin market for some breakfast. I went to a different stall and I ordered a red curry omelette. They used the term omelette very loosely, as in reality, it was just red curry, rice, and a fried egg on top, not what I had envisioned in my mind, but it tasted great. I, then, headed back to the hotel to check out and leave my bags in reception. The ladies were so sweet, they told me to get back before eight, so that they could get me a tuk-tuk to take me to the airport. I then headed into the ... read more
Wat Lam Chang
Wat Lam Chang
Wat Lam Chang

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai January 2nd 2015

I had a glorious lie-in today, I woke up at 10:45, and I think I could have happily slept longer, but I had lots to see and do. I decided to head to Sunee restaurant, which I had been to a few days ago for breakfast, but when I got there it was shut. I headed to Thanin Market, which I was going to go to anyway. I wish I had had the time to discover this place earlier! In front of the market, there was a massive food court, filled with stalls. Too much choice! I walked around the outside for a bit, but all of the signs were in Thai. I entered the food court, most of the tables had menus in both English and Thai. I ordered a pork omelette from Rungnape. It ... read more
Suandok Gate
Suandok Gate
Suandok Gate

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Rai January 1st 2015

Zunächst einmal ein gutes Neues Jahr Euch allen. Ich wünsche Euch, dass es Euch so gut gehen möge wie mir. Wie einige von Euch wissen, ist mein Neffe Sascha momentan in Thailand und wir hatten einige gemeinsame Aktivitäten vor. Eine davon war, Neujahr weiter oben im Norden in Chiang Rai zu verbringen. Das ist dort, wo man sich schon ziemlich nahe am Goldenen Dreieck zwischen Thailand, Burma und Laos befindet und wo früher immense Mengen an Opium angebaut wurden. Eigentlich wollte ich mit Sascha und dessen Kumpel mit dem Auto nach Chiang Rai fahren. Da Letzterer allerdings mit einer Thailänderin verheiratet ist, wuchs die Anzahl der Mitfahrenden dann um ein paar thailändische Familienmitglieder, so dass für mich kein Platz mehr war. Da ich ohnehin schon länger einmal vorhatte, die Fahrt per Motorroller zu machen, setzte ich ... read more
Chiang Rai Hinterland

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Rai January 1st 2015

I was up at the crack of dawn, 5:50 am to be precise. It was still pitch black outside. I ate the pork bun, that I had bought at Seven Eleven. It was rank, sweet, bleurgh! I made it downstairs just before seven, and the security guard told me that they wouldn't arrive to pick me up, until 7:30. Well, he knows his stuff, as it was after 7:35, when they arrived. Everyone was pretty miserable in the van, maybe it was the early start on New Year's Day and lack of sleep. We picked up some more people after me, and once the van was full for we drove for an hour and a half. Today was going to be a long day of driving. The rest stop we stopped at was billed as a ... read more
Crappy Hot Spring
White Temple
White Temple

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai December 31st 2014

I was up at seven and at the breakfast place, before eight. Since I had plenty of time today, I decided to eat at the stall/restaurant. I added chicken to my rice porridge today, but it wasn't very nice, definitely should have stuck to the pork, only. I saw an offering while I was having breakfast, that was cool. A monk was walking by, and the couple at the table next to me called him over, but a bottle of pop in his urn(?) and knelt praying, while the monk chanted away. Thai people are so devout. It's cool how they can fit it into their day like this. It reminds me of in Japan, when people would stop and pray at the shrines set up on the street. I waited ages for my pick-up, over ... read more
Out In The Countryside
Toilet Block

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai December 30th 2014

An early start, as I was heading to the highest peak in Thailand. I went off in search of some breakfast, I headed to the main crossroads and came across some stalls. I tried to order of the menu, but the woman explained that the menu was for the night stall, not what she was selling. She opened two big pots of rice porridge to show me what was on offer, one looked kind of plain and the other looked a bit more exciting, so I opted for that. I got to pick which meat I wanted to add, there were a few on offer and I picked pork. The lady bagged it up for me and gave me a bowl and spoon, and I took it back to the hotel to eat. It was definitely ... read more
Wachirathan Waterfall
Wachirathan Waterfall
Wachirathan Waterfall

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai December 29th 2014

I got myself sorted for the next few days, booking all the tours I wanted to do. Some were fully booked, as this is a busy period for the city, and also some businesses are closed for the new year, so they can take a break. I had a coffee at the hotel's cafe, and because I didn't have the money on me to pay for my tours, one of the ladies from the hotel drove me up to the atm on her motorbike, as she was going to Tesco anyway. For breakfast, I consulted the map that the ladies at reception gave me, and settled on a restaurant, which was about a five minute walk away, and in a part of the neighbourhood, I hadn't been to. I found the restaurant, well I actually walked ... read more
Sauces Galore
Moar Around The Old City
Old City

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai December 28th 2014

It was quite noisy outside last night, so I didn't sleep too well. The bags under my eye were huge and no amount of slap could hide their existence, however my headache had gone! I didn't think that would have happened due to my lack of sleep. I went down to the reception/cafe/lounge room to pay for my room for the week. The two ladies working there were lovely. They sorted out my payment and then sat me down with several maps, one of the neighbourhood I was staying in, a one which had the whole city on it, and another one for Maerim (which I didn't end up visiting). It was so sweet of them, on the map of Chiang Mai, they pointed out the main sites to visit in the old city, and other ... read more
Grilling The Chicken
Ingredients For The Satay Sauce
Making The Satay Sauce

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai » San Kamphaeng December 22nd 2014

Es ist kaum zu glauben, die Hälfte meiner Zeit in Chiang Mai ist schon vorüber. Noch habe ich keinen Tag Langeweile erlebt und den Umzug mit keiner Sekunde bereut. Es ist ein herrliches Fleckchen Erde hier, das mir den Wechsel in das "Rentnerdasein" so unbeschwert und wunderbar gestaltet hat. Ich habe noch lange nicht alles gesehen und entdeckt, was es hier zu erkunden gibt. Allerdings macht mir das Wetter momentan einen ordentlichen Strich durch die Rechnung, denn es ist wirklich kühl (für hiesige Verhältnisse) und auf dem Motorroller ist man Null-Komma-Nix völlig durchgefroren. Das hält mich momentan öfter als wünschenswert von Ausflügen ab. Aufgrund der Kürze meines Aufenthaltes hier will ich auch nicht wirklich in haufenweise Winterklamotten investieren, die ich alle zu Hause in Nürnberg ohnehin schon habe. Diese frischen Temperaturen, die zwar angeblich nicht ... read more

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