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Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai June 28th 2019

Having a friend come to stay in your city is always exciting -- and it's even more exciting when your friend is preparing for an adventure like studying abroad. My old school-friend is planning to attend a university in England so she's preparing with a study abroad prep programme at Quinn. At first, I was a little worried that we wouldn't be able to find a suitable apartment here in Chiang Mai for her. We looked at a few places that just weren't right. Luckily we found a wonderful place just a few minutes away from Quinn. It's not too small and has a great view out over the city. I just know she'll be really happy there as she prepares to study abroad in the UK. Getting to Know the Neighbourhood Fortunately, my own place ... read more
Let's have some milk
Doi Suthep Hiking

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai June 24th 2019

Jullie hebben lang moeten wachten (excuses daarvoor), maar hier is dan eindelijk het volgende hoofdstuk van mijn reis! De eerste avond in Pai was ik met een Schotse gozer naar de streetfood markt gegaan, wat echt een van de beste markten was waar ik tot nu toe geweest ben. Heerlijke spiezen met vlees van de bbq en andere lekkere thaise gerechten. Verder deden we het die avond rustig aan (de Schot ging de volgende dag weer ergens anders heen en ik moest even bijkomen na Chiang Mai). We speelde het slechtste potje pool ooit met de slechtste stokken ooit en een lekker biertje erbij, maar daar bleef het bij. De volgende dag besloot ik om naar de Witte Boeddha, die je van een afstand al op de heuvel kon zien zitten, te wandelen. Het was ongeveer ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai June 11th 2019

Mijn vorige blog was een tijdje geleden, maar dat was omdat ik een week in dezelfde plek was. Ik schrijf mijn blogs graag in hoofdstukken, dus nu krijgen jullie een extra lang hoofdstuk! De volgende ochtend in Koh Samui nam ik de taxi naar het vliegveld met de Rotterdamse en nog een Engelse en een Amerikaanse. Het was maar een korte rit en het inchecken was ook zo gedaan. Het was maar een klein vliegveld. De bestemming was Chiang Mai, een vlucht van 2 uur die ik geheel heb besteed om met de Rotterdamse te praten. Toen we aankwamen namen we ook samen de taxi die ons voor €2,80 in totaal naar verschillende hostels bracht. Mijn hostel was de laatste, een partyhostel gezien ik na een tijdje alleen doorgebracht te hebben wel weer toe was aan ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Rai April 10th 2019

I arrived in Chiang Rai in the evening. I forgot to make a screenshot of the hostels and outside I don't have internet, so I had to walk around and look for a place to stay. Ofcourse the hostels on the mainroad are the most expensive ones, so I took a road that led me away from it. It was a bit dark there and I wasn't sure if I would find anything, but then I saw a sign. When I walked closer, it seemed like a normal house and the lights were off, but it was the only entrance and the sign sure said it was a hostel. When I walked past the house I saw the reception. The person behind the desk was super friendly. When I left my stuff in the room I ... read more
Blue temple
Fried rice
White temple

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai March 27th 2019

The night bus took me to Chiang Mai in 10 hours. Half way it stopped, so we could get some food. I didn't really know how it worked, so I just got in line with some others. When it was my turn I could choose a drink. Then I went to the food counter, but they signed that I already used my ticket. I saw the girl that sat next to me in the bus, so I tried to ask her. She didn't speak english, but she got what I meant. She walked with me to the drinks counter and probably explained the guy I didn't know the system. I gave back the drink and he gave me back the ticket. Then I had to walk to the food counter where I got noodle soup (there ... read more
Yummy Khao Soi
Dragon stairs to Doi Suthep

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai February 20th 2019

So now it’s everyday life at BaanSongJum , which means House of Memories in Thai, with sisters Nui and Kong. They’ve both retired from previous jobs and lives and now run this guesthouse in the old family home, where their grandparents lived. It’s a little time warp and haven from the busy world of the city outside. Around the wooden house on stilts there’s a jungle of plants, carefully tended by Nui, attracting birds , lizards and squirrels and there are three gentle welcoming dogs, Lanna, Frankie and BamBam. A constantly changing multi-cultural and inter generational set of guests who stay in the eight little rooms around the main house are made to feel at home. There are so many interesting stories to hear and thoughts to exchange every day, or you can just retire to ... read more
Baan Songjum
Baan Songjum

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai February 15th 2019

We decided to give our hiking boots one more outing before packing them up and trading them in for flipflops. The venture was Mae Len Waterfall and based on our research could be anywhere from just under a 4 hour hike to a 6 hour hike. We started off strong, parking our bikes at a hostel because no one could tell us if there was somewhere closer to park...there was (add 40 minutes to the hike). The hike itself was the right balance of entertaining, flat and challenging as the trail wove across the river about 20 times out and then 20 times back. No point was the river too deep or fast moving now that it is dry season so it was fun to play don’t fall in the lava as we hopped rocks and ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand February 14th 2019

Pai is known for the 700+ turns and steep mountain climbs and descents it takes to reach the small city. It used to be an escape and the recommended location for exposure to the beauty of Thailand nature and culture and avoid mass tourists crowds. In steps Google and Trip Advisor and the secret is out. It still has a small town feel and is surrounded by mountain view points, waterfalls and other outdoor activities, but it is also swarming with tourists as multiple minibus companies bring a van load of people every hour of every day. A common recommendation is to rent a scooter and take the 3 hour journey on your own. However, with my at best mediocre skill set we decided to minivan it to Pai and then venture out from there after ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai February 12th 2019

Thailand is known for its elephants and after Shelby went on an elepant craze in Cambodia (elephant pants, elephant shirts, elephant paintings, elephants, elephants, elephants), it only seemed right that we spend a day interacting with elephants. In Chiang Mai, it turns out elephants are in large supply and many companies provide ample tours. Our hostel owner Som informed us that most of the parks in the north of Thailand are very good and reputatable. They don’t allow riding on the elephants, they have handlers who work specifically with an elephant to ensure they understand basic commands (eat, good, stop, back, etc.) to provide a safe environment for tourists, and mostly they roam free. This is not the case in all places in Thailand or around the world so do your research first. Most elephants who ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai February 11th 2019

It was a good flight from Sydney to Bangkok, and I arrived late afternoon, with plenty of time to sort out my onward flight to Chiangmai at the Bangkok Airlines office at the airport before setting off in a taxi to find my air bnb “apartment with rooftop pool” near Pra Kanong one of the sky train stations. It’s sometimes difficult to follow the instructions for how to get into an air bnb apartment ( as Eunice and I had experienced on a trip to Japan) Many of the air bnb listings are in apartment blocks that prohibit the sub letting or letting like this. You can imagine why -noise, security.... lots of issues for the other residents . So the ‘secret ‘ check-in can be a nightmare when you’re tired and have to negotiate some ... read more

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