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On Wednesday, January 23rd, I took the 6PM direct flight from Mandalay (Myanmar) to Chiang Mai (Thaïland) where I arrived about 8PM. The flight had been with Air Bangkok and this flight operator was surprisingly good. Both airports are pretty small and I can’t say that that bothered me. :-) In Thaïland I was a bit nervous to cross the border because my passport is almost full (2 1/2 pages left) and I was hoping the immigration officer would be nice and put the stamp on one of the pages where there is still some free space but even though she was nice, she put it on the half page where I had hoped would fit my stamps of Laos and Cambodia ... Well, we’ll see how far I can make it with my passport... ^_^ ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai January 28th 2019

Mittwoch, den 23. Januar habe ich den 18h Direktflug von Mandalay (Myanmar) nach Chiang Mai (Thaïland) genommen, wo ich dann gegen 20h ankam. Der Flug mit Air Bangkok war überraschend gut gewesen und diese Fluggesellschaft ist wirklich gut. Beide Flughäfen waren ziemlich klein und überschaubar, was mich absolut nicht gestört hat! :-) Ich war ein bisschen nervös in Thaïland die Grenze zu überqueren, denn mein Reisepass ist fast voll (nur 2 1/2 Seiten frei) und ich hoffte der Beamte am Schalter wäre nett und würde den Stempel auf eine Seite tun wo noch Platz frei ist, aber auch wenn die Dame ganz nett war, so hat sie den Stempel dann doch auf die 1/2 freie Seite gesetzt wo ich eigentlich gehofft hatte Laos und Cambodia stempeln zu lassen... Naja, wir werden sehen wie weit ich mit ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai January 24th 2019

Jan 24th, This morning we had a meeting to evaluate the trip. One important part of Thai culture is “saving face,” so we were told ahead of time to only give positive feedback (even if they kept pushing for us to tell them things we didn’t like or thought they should change). Our teacher, then, is supposed to email them privately with any ideas for changing the program for next year. This is soooo different from American culture, where everyone feels more than welcome to speak their mind. I do, however, have to say that I wouldn’t like not knowing what people are actually thinking. This cultural preference also prevented us from being able to freely talk about our ideas and give and suggestions or critiques to improve the program. After the course evaluation meeting, we ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai January 23rd 2019

Jan 23rd, Today, we were given a free day until our farewell party in the evening. We chose to spend the day relaxing after a very busy few weeks. The morning started with our request to have brunch at 10:00am instead of having to wake up early to breakfast like we usually do. After brunch, we got our suits on and headed back to the lake for the afternoon since we had such a nice time the day before. We got there and laid out on the grass and spent the afternoon talking, reading, and drinking smoothies. We also got lucky enough to stumble upon a litter of the most adorable puppies. When we got back to campus to get ready for the farewell party, we realized we had ALL overdone it on the sun. Oops. ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai January 22nd 2019

Jan 22nd, This morning started out with a nursing conference between our college and several colleges in the Chiang Mai area. Three of our group members were chosen to present at the conference on the selected topic of Domestic Violence. Each group did a presentation on this topic, and it gave us the opportunity to compare rates of domestic violence in Thailand versus America. The biggest take-away from the conference was understanding that a desire for power is the common denominator amongst perpetrators of domestic violence. The conference and the lunch following provided a great opportunity for us to mingle with Thai nursing students and get to know them better. After the conference, we were given a free afternoon. We chose to spend our time at a lake. A few of my friends and I rented ... read more
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Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai January 21st 2019

Jan 21st, My experience getting a Thai massage is the inspiration behind the title of this blog. This morning, we paid 250 baht ($8) for an hour and a half massage. Sounds like pure bliss, right? Wrong. Thai massages, as I mentioned before in a previous blog, focus heavily on pressure points and stretching. Fifteen minutes into my massage, I almost handed him the 250 baht and ran out because I was in so much pain. Fortunately, after the intense pressure point part was over and the forceful stretching of my non-flexible legs, the remaining part of the massage was pretty enjoyable. With that being said, I felt an aching pain in my hands and feet the rest of the day and even into the night. My group and I have come to the conclusion throughout ... read more
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Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai January 20th 2019

Jan 20th, The best day of my life. Ahhh! I wish everyone could experience what we got to experience today. Pictures and words don’t do it justice. We spent the day at an elephant camp, and it truly was a dream. Elephants are my favorite animal (even more-so after today), so being able to take pictures with them, cuddle them, and ride them through the river and forest was pretty much the best thing ever. On our way back to the camp this morning, we casually passed a man riding an elephant down the road. We were all freaking out, but little did we know, we were going to get much closer than that with the 50 elephants that live on the property. We started off with a show and got to see elephants play soccer, ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai January 19th 2019

Jan 19th, This morning began with a Thai cooking class, taught to us by our Thai buddies! I got to make red curry, which is basically coconut milk, red curry paste, chicken, and eggplant. It was super easy to make, but tasted so good (and a little spicy)! After indulging the curry, pad Thai, papaya salad, butterfly pea juice, and timtubgrab that we made, we headed to another hot spring. Some of my friends bought eggs to cook in the boiling hot spring water, and it only took 10-15 minutes. While at the hot spring, we stumbled upon a massage place that was offering 30 minute foot massages for 120 baht. To put this into perspective, that is less than four dollars in the united states! You better believe that myself and two of my other ... read more
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Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai January 18th 2019

Jan 18th, Sixteen days in… the exhaustion has hit me. This trip has been such a blessing, but it has been pretty draining at the same time. Today was one of those days for me where I would’ve just liked to spend the day alone. However, in Thailand, there is always plenty to do! We got to see the traditional aspect of Thai medicine this morning through visiting the part of the hospital that specializes in massage therapy, acupuncture, and heat compresses. Through asking people and observing the culture, we’ve found that traditional medicine is often turned to before pharmacologic medicine. I wasn’t able to eat lunch (because of it not being gluten free) for the third time this week. Instead, I decided to soak up some sun outside. After “lunch,” we got together to meet ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai January 17th 2019

Jan 17th, This morning, I spent an hour on the trauma unit and did a quick dressing change before heading off to shadow on the cardiac critical care unit. On this unit, we got to tour the facility and watch a cardiac catheterization, echocardiogram, and stress test (except I was the patient for the stress test). Everything that we observed in this unit was done very similarly to America except for one thing: Thai people are EXTREMELY blunt when it comes to body image and fitness. They have no problem telling you if you are fat or out of shape, which I now know from first-hand experience. During my stress test, my heartrate went up pretty quickly, and the nurse said, “It’s only been 49 seconds and your heart rate is 170. You not fit.” I ... read more

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