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Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Samoeng January 28th 2009

Hey friends.....Its been a while since I posted some pics...but today I felt like doing some work on my Blog. Hope you enjoy this pics from Pai Thailand as I plan to go back in a few months... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Samoeng January 12th 2008

Rebecca’s great idea of a Kew Sua school “Picture Day” came to life with a simple outdoor studio and a whole bunch of excited kids who had never sat for school photos in their lives. Many of the children and their families don’t own a single photograph of themselves. We underestimated how excited the children would be with this new and strange activity. After the morning assembly, students and teachers all posed for a group photo and then one-by-one the kids swapped their grubby tops for one of the shared, freshly pressed blouses or shirts we bought just for photo day. It didn’t take long for them to catch on. Like all kids, some were naturals in front of a camera and some looked like they had a very bad case of gas when forcing ... read more
Professional Huh?
School Mascot
Mr. Mischief

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Samoeng December 16th 2007

Does your mom drive a motorcycle? Do you own a helicopter? Do you have an elephant? These are just a few of the candid questions children in the village of Baan Kew Sua ask of Westerners. They would not be at all shocked if we answered yes to any of them; they’ve seen how Westerners live on TV. (Anyone remember Hart to Hart?) The kids are adorable and hungry to learn. The staff at Kew Sua, despite the language barrier, has been warmly welcoming. A few of them (students, that is), taught by Dan, have learned to juggle; we also found out that these kids have never been “helicopter”-ed! You know, when you swing them in a circle? They went crazy with terror/joy. We’ve been working hard, living clean and have logged more exercise in the ... read more
Dan absolutely horrifies the kids
Loy Krathong Parade
Boat on the River

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Samoeng November 22nd 2007

THIS is how it should be. 20 hours in transit, our bags pre-checked through seamlessly, passed security smoothly and with no glitches. Our seats were comfy, no squalling babies around us, and we earplugged, took our Benadryl and slept about half the journey away. Only 3 people ahead of us in the immigration line, and we were checked into room 2412 of the sumptuous Peninsula Hotel Bangkok (2006’s #1 hotel in the world!) within an hour. Our room wasn’t ready quite yet, so we strolled down to the riverside garden terrace to sip something cold and put on our best hoity-toity act. The room, which we would never have splurged on for ourselves, was a gift from a friend, and had a gorgeous view of the river. We amused ourselves for awhile using the button next ... read more
The Penthouse
Our Sweet Little Home
Green Eggs, Hatted Cat, Etc...

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