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March 9th 2007
Published: March 14th 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

Finally it feels good to have caught up!

The 72 baht four hour journey was deffinately worth the trip, as I feel Pai is deffinately a highlight. The place is a village 3km square by the peaceful Pai river, which used to be a stop on the massive journey to Mae Hong Son. If you want a taste of Thailand you should deffinately visit the place, where live music is played in almost any bar and there are no go-go bars to be seen! The Golden Hut guesthouse we were staying at had rooms in bungalows along the river Pai in which you just simply wanted to chill and fall asleep. The funny thing is there is absolutely nothing to see in Pai, its just a place to come and stay for a few days to recouperate and relax amongst friends in this place whith new age bars and homegrown Thai products...

Full of bars and scooter rental places you can easily keep yourself entertained, and if you look hard enough you can stay up and drink pretty much all night. The majority of the people, mostly comprised of Hippies and backpackers, would head after hours to a place
Basic accomodationBasic accomodationBasic accomodation

cheapest i found in Thailand, being 100 Baht!
called be-bop, a place where locals and westeners come to enjoy some live music. After that if your still up for it you can head to one of two places, Fubar or Bambu Hut, where you can socialise until the early hours of the morning.
The only downfall to the place is that even though you could go on some interesting walks, the dry season meant that farmers began to slash and brun their fields to make them ready for the monsoon seasons. Inevitably this mean that the smoke encircled the village meaning the lush scenery was nowhere to be seen. There were times you could look directly at the sun setting over the invisible mountains. The place is so small that anyone you meet the night before will be seen again the next day, which meant it took all of two seconds to run into some old German friends, Andreas and Gernot, from the roof top bar in Chiang Mai. The cheap food and drink meant atmosphere was at an all time high and just chilling by the river with Gernot playing the guitar whilst indulging with the local herbs was my idea of a holiday...

The cramped bus back to Chiang Mai was just simply rediculous, as it was so cramped we had Sam on the floor and 3 people to most seats. There was even two people hanging out the open door for the whole 4 hour journey on the winding mountain roads....

I guess my next update will be after Laos which I am travelling to with Sam, Gernot and Andi. Let me know how things are going 😊

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13th August 2007

yep pai
hi you describe pai just how it is relaxing and chilling and fully of internet bars

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