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January 25th 2007
Published: January 26th 2007
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Oliver and I are currently in Pai. Ahh, Pai. People from all over the world traveling all over Thailand come to Pai to do...nothing. Absolutely, gloriously nothing. Where the beer runs as freely as the river winding through it, and the hippies sleep off their hangovers in hammocks all day long. Where the streets are lined with shops selling clothes directly time warped from the sixties and the river is lined with bamboo huts (and crossed by bamboo bridges and lit by bamboo bonfires at night). Somewhere behind me in this sea of bamboo, someone is playing a guitar. Somewhere across the way, someone is getting their hair dredded. Totally awesome. Dude.
Pai is one of those few places so chill that doing nothing doesn't feel worthless. You plan to stay a day or two, and the next time you look at a calendar you discover you've been there for a week.
Since being here, we have napped in many hammocks and drank many a Chang beer next to the fire. We rented motor bikes for half a day, but that's about it. Oh, and we've eaten tons of good food. Mustn't forget the good food.
We've met some pretty cool
Dor on BuddhaDor on BuddhaDor on Buddha

Sidartha would be rolling in his grave over this. Taken by Oliver
people staying in the bamboo tourist ghetto, and went motorbiking with them yesterday. It is easy to meet people here, a lot of like minded young folk wandering around.

Alright Dorien is working on something else so I (Oliver) was brought in to finish the blog. I can't really say that I want to continue on (and on and on and on-(what are you implying here, oliver?? don't have me edit your entry if you want to schmear my eloquent prose) with Dorien's step by step accounts of what we have been doing so i am going to jump to the most current problem.. Dorien mentioned above that food was delicious but I found out last night at 3 am that although tasty....doesn't hide the fact that it had probably been sitting on the counter (Made of Bamboo of course) all day (and perhaps week) waste not want not....Well thats funny because I no longer want.... anything. Well at least I can't eat anything because I will end up in the same place I was last night.....wandering around in the dark looking for some water left out by a drunk hippy so I can wash the taste of vomit
White Wat (what?)White Wat (what?)White Wat (what?)

This is a newly built wat that has extremely interesting paionting on the walls on the iside. Still being worked on. Much comentary on America. Paintings of the twin towers, airplanes and all, oil explotation, super man and even keanu Reeves. Taken By Oliver
out of my mouth. Or scouring the bathroom stalls for unused bits of toilet poper so I can.......you get the point. All day has been sitting (not all that uncommon here) waiting to feel better. But Dorien has joined the team. Currently sitting beside me, her face resembles that of someone who has just lost their passport.....or perhaps she is holding back the urge to regurgitate the "tons of good food" for the ants crawling around our feet.
Tomorrow we are planning on leaving this time warp.. The smell of patchuli is making my nausia climb to new levels. If we feel the same in the morning we just might have to spend another day doing nothing. It seems our plans have fallen through with one of the organic farms so it is off to Loas. Where we plan to go rope swinging with the gibbons in one of the few national resrves. We'll have more on that later. Thanks for tuning in, this is travel update (said in a news caster voice) Oliver and D

Additional photos below
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Motor bike crewMotor bike crew
Motor bike crew

Friends from the trek, don't we all look like star ship fighters from the 70's Taken by local
Biker DorienBiker Dorien
Biker Dorien

Don't worry she wasn't as drunk as she looks Taken by Oliver
Biker OliverBiker Oliver
Biker Oliver

Taken by Dorien
Sunset Chiang RaiSunset Chiang Rai
Sunset Chiang Rai

Taken by Oliver
Bamboo Fire in PaiBamboo Fire in Pai
Bamboo Fire in Pai

with new friends, Max and Nicole Taken by Oliver
Mountains around PaiMountains around Pai
Mountains around Pai

Taken by Oliver
After Trak in Chiang MaiAfter Trak in Chiang Mai
After Trak in Chiang Mai

Sitting around talking policitcs and drinking beer. TAken by Dorien
wat (what?) statuewat (what?) statue
wat (what?) statue

Taken by Dorien
Oli on BuddhaOli on Buddha
Oli on Buddha

We found this buddha ouitside of Chiang Rai on our search for the illusive water falls Taken by Dorien
Dorien looking zenfulDorien looking zenful
Dorien looking zenful

Taken by Oliver
Dorien playing harmonica at waterfallDorien playing harmonica at waterfall
Dorien playing harmonica at waterfall

Luckily with the roar of the water fall....... well that was all we could hear. Taken by Oliver
Friendly LocalsFriendly Locals
Friendly Locals

3 hours outside of Chiang Rai, Dorien's and my bike blew a tire. The after leaving this water fall. THe tiny village offers a free ride over the mountain pass in their community truck. Although it wasn't neccessary, we gave them 200 baht (4 dollars. THey fropped us off at a 75 y/o mans shop who patched our tire for 20 baht. 20 yeards down the road and another part of the tire blew and he had to replace the entire tube. 100 Baht Taken by Dorien
75 year old mechanic75 year old mechanic
75 year old mechanic

Taken by Dorien
holy shitholy shit
holy shit

Taken by Dorien
Bungalow in PaiBungalow in Pai
Bungalow in Pai

with our motor bike parked infront of it. TAken by Dorien

28th January 2007

So the picture of Dorien in the helmet is a real good blackmale pic. Anyways I thought I would drop in and to hi. So HI. So I'm still alive, surgery went ok, recovery has taken longer than what was planned but I had good drugs and a Good husband to taken real good care of me. Not to mention three little helpers. BUt doing good know I think. I miss you guys be safe have fun.
28th January 2007

where are your shoes
looks like you guys have been extremely poductive i wish i could be more coherent b ..u..t su...fe.ring fro..m m..ass...ive hang over c..ant h..ol..d o..n mu..ch lo..ng..er welll looks like you guys are doing well i dig the buglow and the fancy bike you guys take care ill talk to you later
30th January 2007

of Veranda
Dear Priscilla and Olly: I say, you two scallywags clearly require a primer regarding the rudiments of civilized correspondance. Even though the discourse concerning your gastrointestinal disruption did cause one to conjure up images of how you might appear as you rise, or should we say squat, in your moment of dilemma, it was most distasteful to my gentrified state of consciousness. I must admit that the mention of a chang did tickle my taste buds. However, I must return to ministering to my pathetic human subjects lest they begin to cackle their lack of attention and need for my guidance. I bid you good day and dry wiping material for the tender regions.
30th January 2007

Dorien, your history on bikes (especially with me) isn't all that great so beee careful. Remember, distance tolerances in Thailand aren't the same as the US. 100,000 anti-war demonstrators marched on Washington DC recently--I like the throwback to the 60's where fire in the belly about a cause motivates a person to do something. I was virtually there. We're off to Chile and Easter Island Wednesday--love ya guys and love the Buddha-smile. love, dad
8th February 2007

update in my life
enjoying school first test monday. i got a job, too! life is busy in my world while my dogs wait patiently for me to come home. love the pictures- still wish i was there- dor do you wish you would of brought baby wipes sounds like you could of used them- love ya! miss ya! sis
14th February 2007

been a while
hey guys its been a while since i ve herd from you so if you get a chance drop me an e-mial or some thing im having with drawels anyway i'll talk to you later

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