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Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Mae Sot July 17th 2011

this means I am spontaneous- okay yeah I am more impulsive than spontaneous which can get me into trouble. It also means that I live for the moment, which is true. I rarely plan ahead and commit my self to long term things, because I live in the world of possibilities and often find myself planning and day dreaming about all the things out there to do. An ESFP notices the aesthetic of things. I see each snail crawling in a rose garden, I will smell each flower that is there, I will collect the shiny rocks that are hiddden under the dirt and wash them off so they will be seen and admired. An ESFP is engaged through all 5 senses, and that is why university isn't my thing. I need to hear, and taste ... read more
looking beautiful
lovin life

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Mae Sot July 5th 2011

Crap (said in american accent) has almost been one month since I left, how crazy is that... I thought six months was a long time before I left.. but it seems to be passing quite quickly surprisingly enough. Did I ever tell you guys that I was working with devil grade 3's? Wait, let me rephrase that: Did I ever tell you guys that the grade 3's I am working with appear to be devils? A BIRD JUST FLEW INTO MY HEAD!!!! ..that is not a joke by the way. There is a birds nest like right on a porch so I went to go look at the supposed baby birds and they flew out like rocket-ships full speed at my face.. there is a little cut on the side of my head.... hahaha that ... read more
classic dog you see here

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Mae Sot July 2nd 2011

Good news is, i've been exercising a bit. On Wednesday I accidentally played a full soccer game with some pretty serious woman here in thailand. Yes you read that correctly accidentally.. I was peer pressured into playing. I only went to the field to give our neighbor moral support and meet some sweet environmental activists ( heard through the grapevine they would be there) Unfortunately they were short of players so with me there were 5 girls on each team.. even though I shot gunned being d fence, i was soon told that there IS no position, everyone plays everywhere. SO after 5 minutes of playing in 96 percent humidity I was ready to die, because it has been almost 9 years since I even touched a soccer ball. It did get better though, the reality ... read more
trying to meet westerners
some students

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Mae Sot June 28th 2011

Let's start with some basic facts: - I haven't showered in 3 days. you guys might be thinking- nbd kathleen you go weeks without showering.. true but picture this: Thailand for the past week has been roughly 30 degrees plus an average humidity percentage of 74... if it is not raining, it is misting, and mind you our road has been flooded for two days... I am also biking 15 minutes to school and back. -Fact number 2: i washed my clothes last thursday, it has now been roughly a week and half of what I hung up to dry.. is still wet. - moskitos are literally 10 times faster here than in Canada, so getting bitten is inevitable -you guys probably don't want to hear this but you should know that since I have been ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Mae Sot June 25th 2011

The streets are flooded the children are catching the underwater creatures, that are mysteries to our eyes with pails and nets they stand waiting Maybe they will sell their steals, maybe there is nothing of worth but anticipation But their smiles.. their smiles are worth a million catches for me, especially after one catch for them, the farangs are mocked by the thai and burmese watching us struggle to bike through street rivers, the farangs holding the sun umbrellas for shelter from the rain rather than just staying out of the rain the farangs who squeel at the sight of an eel more than the ee squeels itself. It was a happy and sad day, this flooding and ongoing rain reminds me of the floods in Bishop's, it reminds me of when I was kid and ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Mae Sot June 25th 2011

In Canada, people complain it is too hot when the temperature is 29 degrees; in Thailand people complain it is too cold when the temperature is 29 degrees. When i got to school today i was sweating, was wet from the rain and told the students I was hot. Mind you half the students were wearing sweaters over their uniforms, and then after they turned the fan on, some students said they were cold. ahahahahahahahhahahaha I LAUGHED SO HARD and then ripped the skirt I just bought. I think that falls under the Karma category It was also a special day for me for a couple reasons: One it was the last day of my first week, ie I made it through a week. even though i have have been terrible at assimilating into the thai ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Mae Sot June 21st 2011

As much as I think it is easy, I can understand why it is so hard. People don't make a conscious effort on a day to day basis to just respect one another. The one sentence that I believe is one of the most influential in history. It can have so much power if you just let the words into your life. ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Mae Sot June 20th 2011

People say teaching is an easy job; 9 til like 230 , amazing holidays, good health care, great pension. Yeah it is a GREAT job, but it is not easy. Teachers hold the futures of 100's of kids in their hands. They are suppose to encourage students, be positive, patient and understanding, among many other things. Sure anyone can be a teacher, but not everyone can be a good teacher, who deserves the title. And often enough, people take advantage of all the benefits this job comes with, without realizing how much responsibility it holds. Today I was in the classroom for the first time. Each of the volunteers that have been chosen has two schools to teach at, one full time and one part time. My priority school is Say Ta Nar, I am teaching ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Mae Sot June 18th 2011

we have officially arrived in Mae Sot. It will be our second day sleeping in our house. I would post pictures, if I was more organized but unfortunately my camera died and I forgot my charger back In Canada. SO I will be looking for a charger tomorrow in the market, lets hope I find one. When i first heard we were going to Thailand during the rainy season I thought it would be raining like 24 hours..but so far its been like one heavy rain and random light showers. So not that bad. Got to test out my big army coloured poncho today while biking around to the schools. NO big deal, but I looked like a ninja turtle.. haha We bought some bikes today and then went around to our individual schools. The view ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Mae Sot March 23rd 2011

"Did you talk with Baw Saw Nyunt over there?" ( I forget Baw Saw Nyunt's real name but this is my best attempt to simulate a Burmese name) "Huh? Who is that?," I answered. He pointed to the empty table outside the administrative office where I was now sitting and facing Mr. Tak, who was the person, originally from Myanmar, in charge of guest services where we were staying. "He can take you across the border. He is General Baw Saw Nynunt," He said with a respectful tone. "I thought it was closed," I said affirmatively. "He is a general in the Karenni army so there is no problem. But you need a good reason for him to take you there," Mr. Tak replied. "Many westerners and NGOs are interested in human right violations there," he ... read more
Sukothai is serene in the morning
Traditional House made of wood
The cramped bus on the way to Mae Sot

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