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November 17th 2014
Published: November 26th 2014
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Fun in the sand pileFun in the sand pileFun in the sand pile

The 5 loads of snd which have been delivered have been great fun for the kids
Today is Monday and this will be our last day at Future Light before we leave for Bangkok first thing tomorrow morning to return our rental vehicle and spend a few days at the beach before we leave Thailand. We have been here for 5 days and have accomplished a lot on this trip. Goin and I spent about an hour this morning reviewing the progress of the work and planning for the expenses to complete the projects.

We determined that the skilled tradesman and his helper would need about three weeks to complete the tiling, grouting, parging of a few concrete walls in two interior rooms, repairs to the two toilets and repairs to the two shower rooms. Additional materials would also be required to finish up the work. I provided Goin with the necessary funding in cash plus a little extra for contingencies. Both he and Ita are so very pleased with everything we have been able to accomplish. Over the past few days and can't remember how many times they repeated the words "thank you so much". They recognize that there are many people in Canada that have made a financial contribution to this years projects and they extend their appreciation to each and everyone of you. There is still a little money left in the account for future funding and I will send that along to Goin later. He plans to send along pictures from his smartphone as the work progresses. He is an excellent project manager and is very excited about getting the work completed.

There is also a group of people in England coordinated by a young woman named Natasha Whiting who provide regular funding for rice and other food. I have never met her personally but I do communicate with her periodically. Many thanks to her for her work as well. The illegal migrants from Burma have more opportunities to find some work in Thailand but the are here illegally. As a result they are willing to accept much lower wages than local Thai workers. I have also heard that they often have to pay off the police in order for them to stay in Thailand. Very sad situation for these people.

This has been a very rewarding mission for Ted and I. We will never foget those smiling faces from these children who have
Floor nearing completionFloor nearing completionFloor nearing completion

Today 2 additional Burmese hired men arrived as the kids are back to school today.
so little.

Additional photos below
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New chairs for the ClassroomNew chairs for the Classroom
New chairs for the Classroom

Forty new chairs and a new folding table. This was long overdue as the old chairs were dirty, badly chipped or broken.
Delivery to Future LightDelivery to Future Light
Delivery to Future Light

A little cramped but we managed to get all 40 chairs and the table home in one load!
Tha-Aad Public SchoolTha-Aad Public School
Tha-Aad Public School

This is where all the primary age children go to school in Thai language. At Future Light they get Burmese and English lessons.
The kindergarten class kids at Future Light.The kindergarten class kids at Future Light.
The kindergarten class kids at Future Light.

Back home from school one hour earlier than the older kids. One last goodbye.
Graduation certificatesGraduation certificates
Graduation certificates

These are last years graduates from Tha-Aad School. These kids are now attending high school nearby.
Our last lunch at Future LightOur last lunch at Future Light
Our last lunch at Future Light

We had such with the pre-schoolers and the staff every day in the kitchen. The food was simple, spicy, and very tasty.
One last trip to the bicycle shop.One last trip to the bicycle shop.
One last trip to the bicycle shop.

Ted made one last trip to the bicycle shop with the kids to get the last broken bicycle fixed. Prior to our visit there had been no funds for this. Food was a higher priority.
Almost finishedAlmost finished
Almost finished

Over the past 3 days the crew mixed 22 cubic yards of sand mix concrete by hand to complete the new floor.
Our home away from homeOur home away from home
Our home away from home

Farewell photo with staff of Picture Book Guesthouse. Just a great place to stay! They could not have done more to make us feel welcome and at home.

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