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November 17th 2014
Published: November 17th 2014
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The hostel we were in the past 3 nights did not have functioning wifi, which was inconvenient but did force me to go out to make connections. Mostly a win, except for last night when I tried making plans and couldn't contact anyone. In order to send messages I'd go to a cafe and get a fruit shake or something. Generally, Soi 9 was the Spot, but I found some decent places all over the eastern section of Old City by Tha Pae Gate.

Funny thing is, now that I have reliable wifi I don't want to use it. This new spot has hammocks and is overall a vacation from my vacation. More details after we leave (safety first!)

Our elephant excursion went better than anticipated. Even though we paid 4000 baht (about 4 times the average price), the Thai Elephant Conservation Center seemed like a place hat really cares for its elephants, even if some of them learn how to paint and perform. Our day started with a bus ride and getting dropped off outside the TECC about an hour later than planned. We did make it in time though since there was only one other guy with us. We rode elephants, washed them, fed them, saw babies...overall good fun. The universe gave us the good luck to catch a free ride back with the other guy who had hired a car for the whole day. Checking that one off the bucket list.

That night I went out to the backpacker bar Zoe in Yellow. Typically bars aren't my scene, and neither was this one, but it seemed like a must do thing and I needed to meet people since Kristen went to an electronic half moon party . Zoe was too loud but I made a buddy who came with me to the reggae bar around the corner. A bunch of thai hippies totally rocking Bob Marley and reggae rock. Good fun and lots of friendly people. When that area closed the whole party moves a few blocks away to Spicy. Tried that for a while and it was loud so I left. In the end I didn't make it in until around 3:30, totally unlike me, but that's what vacations are for right? Less thinking, more doing.

Yesterday we went to a monk chat. Sat for about2 hours talking
Elephant Bathing!Elephant Bathing!Elephant Bathing!

Washing my elephant in the river. Stayed mostly dry!
with a 23 year old monk who called himself Tony (Chu Chai). Turns out that hosing to be a monk is a decision many make bc they are poor or troubled. It offers a place to stay and an opportunity to get life back on track. A lot like our military. His basic advice on living Buddhist: chose to see the positive and if a situation is causing you suffering, change it.

Totally forgot! I had/listened to a conversation between an Israeli and a Dane about their military experience and views. Incredible. My ignorance is so embarrassing. The Danish guy is sooo proud even to be fighting in America's war in Afghanistan. Really interesting exchange to witness.

After making such a big deal about wanting to shop at the Sunday Walking Market, I ended up being too hot, tired and sore to stay. After a long and confused walk back to the hostel I fell asleep. A bit frustrated bc it was an awesome event, but I supposed I needed to chill out.

K that's all for now! Gonna spend the next day and a half relaxing hard (or maybe taking a 6 hour trek to a
Mrs. Jan Daeng & IMrs. Jan Daeng & IMrs. Jan Daeng & I

Thai Elephant Conservation Center Mahout for a Day Program
waterfall). Decisions, and only the best kind!


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