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January 17th 2013
Published: January 17th 2013
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Hummmmmmmmm . . . (floats across to the computer) . . . zzzzzzzzz . . . hummmmmmmm . . . I've Just returned from a 2 day meditation retreat here in Chang Mai, Thailand. We were taken about 40 minutes out of town to a meditation centre set in the rural parts of Thailand and spent 2 days with the Buddhist monks gaining an exprience of their day to day life.

We learnt the various ways to meditate including sitting, standing, walking and lying down! the lying down mediation created a few snores amongst the group, which when you are trying to meditate is hard not to laugh! The retreat was in complete silence so when the monks had taught us what to do we spent time walking around the grounds, which were beautiful, in silence just being with yourself and practising the meditations. We also learnt the various chants the monks do on a day to day basis before meditation at 5:30 a.m and before each meal, which was also in silence.

I have practised meditation and researched various types of Buddhism for about 6 years, on and off, so to spend time with Buddhist monks in a country that is 95% Buddhist was a great experience.

I don't have any pictures as I didn't really want to take the camera but luckily one of the guys who work at the centre took quite a lot and will be on their website shortly so I will get some up when they arrive or you could check out their website

Hummmmmmm . . .(Floats off to the bar) . . .Yes! The Bar! all this meditation makes ya thirsty ya know!!! <;-)


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