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April 30th 2012
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The first time I saw a fish spa was in Singapore. Clients would put their feet in a tank of warm water filled with garra rufa, or doctor fish as they're known to most of the world, and let the fish nibble off the dead skin and calluses. I was intrigued by it, but couldn’t quite bring myself to try it.

Since then, I’ve seen fish spas throughout Asia, and I decided that it was time I plucked up my courage and let the little fishies have their way with me. There are a number of fish spas in Chiang Mai; the place I chose is called “Fish Actually” and is located in the lobby of the Parasol Inn.

It’s pretty simple: you take off your shoes, sit on a padded bench above a large aquarium filled with doctor fish, and put your feet in the water. The water is skin temperature and the fish do the rest. At first it tickles a little, I laughed a lot, and then it feels like a million tiny fingers massaging your feet. Since the fish don’t actually have teeth – they nibble the skin with their lips – it doesn’t hurt,
Gara ruffaGara ruffaGara ruffa

Little fish hard at work
but it is a unique sensation.

The fish cleaned up a lot of dead skin on my feet, and my skin feels a lot smoother. Thanks little fishies; I’ll be back.


30th April 2012

This is great!
Hi Karen, I think that this is a great idea! What kind of fish are used?
30th April 2012

OMG! Little fishys everwhere.
I think this is a neat idea. Our poor feet take such a beating every day and most of us don't treat them like we should. Do they get any food besides dead skin?? How do they keep the tank clean? I love all your blogs, I am sure you are having a fabulous time. Any problem getting a website connection over there How about a food blog. I would love to know what the restaurants and food are like. Or maybe that could be a whole separaate journal when you get back, bring the recipies and we will have a great Dinner Club session!! Nikki
1st May 2012

Hungry little fishies
The scientific name of the fish is garra rufa. They keep the fish hungry so they will be inclined to forage through your feet, but they do feed them late at night. The water is filtered and treated with UV light. I'm sure the tanks are cleaned periodically - got to keep the fishies healthy.
4th July 2012

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