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January 9th 2009
Published: January 10th 2009
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dudes!!! hallo!!! where we left off we were heading to pnhom phen to get our thai visa, uber annoying coz it cut into our ankor time! it was sooo lovely and sad saying goodbye, mama god very sad, and kinda had a panic attack when we left, she had to be put on a drip, me and ju are gonna worry about her loads, we bought her medicine, but its never enough, just wish we could give more. also another heartbreaking puppy incident, the puppy me and ju totally fell in love with , has a new puppy replacement (landlord bought another dog) so old hat puppy had been left to die!!! he was literally a bag of bones when we saw him, he could barely wag his tail. i swear down it broke me, i fed him my crackers, and gave yaro some money to look after him. i know she will, but i dont think he will make it. anywho-nice news now- we went to the school to catch a moto, and to our surprise, loads of students had turned up to say goodbye! they totally didnt have to do that, esp as its a sunday! it was fantastic seeing them one last time, and as i was pulling off in the moto popstar ran after shouting he wished me goodluck! bye popstarrr!!! i will miss you!- ok-anyway, at the bus station-YARO and syretlim were sat there hiding behind magazines, there surprising us with their presence and saying goodbye properly! she literally saw us off!

phnom phen again!- it was uber strange being in civilization again, bit stranged out by the busyness of it all, and the non niceness of the people (gangness and stuff) but also eggstreemly happy with the selection of food and drink!! we can buy conditioner! and other random things! back to the sunday guest house-yay! tho swankyness it was not when we got a room with fire ant infestation!! had to call the bug brigade to come exterminate! (a lady with bug spray and a broom). we just chilled and watched xmen! movierama! next day we went to apply for the thai visa, and then hit the russian market! bought some duckalock! and presents for people! then on to the national museum to check out the history, oh man it was beautiful, such a centre of calm in uber busy capitola! ponds and green and butterflies mixed with statueness, very peaceful! oh we also ate mexicana!! we were mexicans not mexicants! i was feeling pretty ill in the night, and lovely ju looked after me and made sure i had crackers and water. next day we just chilled and read, ju read about the khmer rouge, and i was mainly ill! then got our visa! yay! hassle over, so to celebrate we got a beer! in the eve we watched the killing fields, and ju made some nice friendage with an irish man and a kiwi, who gave us angkor pointers!

bus to siam riep-dude it was the craziest bus ever! people sitting on stools in the aisles, boxes of random things, crying babies, jackie chan movies and OUR SEAT BROKE! out of the entire bus our seats completely broke and crushed the people behind us! we had to pull over and the driver had to mish mash it back together! finally made it to siam riep-and made a friend straight away! phalit! our tuk tuk driver-sooo friendly and kind! took us to bon savy-our uber gorjus guest house! with palm trees and free fruit shake! then took us to angkor for the sun set, and oh my gosh it totally blew us away, it was so humbling and beautiful, absolutely the most fantastic thing ever, i cant even describe it, ju is probably better then me! the carvings were so intricate, and the architecture so well designed, it took me back to the studies of the greek and romans, the parthenon and what not! it was on that scale of amazingness! esp because it is build like in the 12th century!! who builds stuff then!!

after a brillo nights sleep in bonny savvy we were up at FOUR THIRTY AM! yes 4.30am! pre dawn, it was still pitch black out! phalit met us and took us to bayon temple, in angkor. The giant stone faces of Bayon have become one of the most recognizable images connected to classic Khmer art and architecture. we were the only ones there, and it was just like tomb raider! scaling ancient ruins, ducking through dark archways into a brilliant stone jungle of giant smiling faces! phalit gave us a tour of the history and meanings behind the images. it was truly spellbinding! then we went to ta prohm, this sprawling teple has only partially been cleared of the giant trees that damage it, and its left this atmospheric merging of earth and stone, as the jungle slowly crawls back into the temple. after that we had to leave at 730am 😞 to catch our bus to bangkok. the bus ride was 8 hours of bumpyness, but border crossing was ace with no hassle! plus on a stop off we made some more friends with some fruit selling kidletts who were amazed we knew khmer! and even gave me and ju some free fruit-ju has some strange alien type thing, that looked like a fig, but was uber bitter! tho we try anything once!

bangkok again! woo!!- we went for a bruuusky and met another lovely chap called aneal! in the EXACT same seat we met ola! he was a cool canadian dude who owned some nail salons! after some fun chats JULIA ran and stopped a street seller, and came back with some bugs!! and FORCED them down my throat! (in my mind). they were crickets of varying sizes, they tasted crunchy!-and full of flavour-on account of thai people adding so much flavour you cant tell you are eating vermin! It was a good excuse for Ju being a vege not having to eat them!

next day-we left for chang mai! night training it-tho neither me or ju slept well on account of random night noises, mainly old man snoring! we are in chang mai now! and tomorrow we start our trek, elephanting, bamboo rafting, village meeting and waterfall swimming! updates to follow!

lots of love!

sophiee xxx


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