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March 27th 2008
Published: March 28th 2008
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Hey Guys! Once again its us - think were speaking to some of you more often through this than we would have over the past week if were at home! Theres just so much to tell! :-p
Well, we managed to get a good few pictures up on the last blog which was cool. Have a great Internet place next to Guest House, 30 Baht (50p) for 1hrs internet use! So far we have clocked up 7hrs all for the bargain price of 3.50! Not bad! Well, we have managed to do a few things in Chiang Mai but are STILL waiting for more people to sign up for this dam Trek! :-(
Our guest house (Eagle Guest House 2) is great!! The people are so helpfull and friendly and the place is kept very clean and tidy throughout the day. Everything is made really easy, each room has its own book (ours is 206 :-) ) and you help yourself to drink and order food and just record it in the book along with the price and pay the bill at the end of your stay. Makes things so much easier! They have a safe too which is reasuring! Had a bit of a heavy night lastnite in more ways then one! Spent hours on end in here trying to properly get some set plans for the rest of our stay in Thailand/Malaysia & Singapore which meant booking about 6 flights for the next couple of weeks - all we need to do now is get the accommodation sorted! Turns out our Flight back to Bang Kok (1hr 10mins) is CHAPER than our 15hr Train journey! Ha! So the plan is to fly: Chiang Mai to Bangkok (Kanchanaburi) 02/04/08
Bangkok to Koh Samui 06/04/08
Koh Samui - Phuket 13/04/08
Phuket - Kuala Lumpur 15/04/08
Kuala Lumpur - Singapore 18/04/08
Singapore - CAIRNS (Whoop Whoop!) 24/04/08 Which means we now have an extra week in Oz then planned which is great news!
We checked out the Night Bizare lastnite and had fun bartering with the guys! I got 3 pairs of cool wrap around trouser things and a sarong for about a fiver! :-) We then decided to go back to a group of lively bars we had seen on the way down. After turing out of the Night Bizare, and into the hind quarters of an ELEPHANT we felt we were in need of a beer or two! lol Yup thats right, a random elephant! Sounds amazing but it was actualy quite sad as it clearly did not want to be there and the bloke with it kept pulling on its ear to make it make a noise to draw peoples attention, it clearly doesnt get much love although it gets lots of Bananas bought by tourists to feed it! Once we reached the watering hole we ordered two large Chang Beers and started the great game of people watching - it has to have been the best one yet! Those of you that know us well will know we are the worlds worst for people watching! After sipping away at our beers and laghing at passing Thai Women & OLD English Male couples, it suddenly dawned on us, together with the fact the waitresses had started randomly dancing (not anything dirty!), the fact the name of the place was 'Cosy Korner' and that each of the Thai Waitresses seemed to be paired up with an old English guy that maybe this was some sort of Thai Bride pick up joint!! It was so funny!! Especialy as we were on our 2nd beer @ 6.4% and they are HUGE bottles! After the passing of another random elephant we decided to drink up and head for home as we had to be up bright and early for our Thai Cooking experience - which was ace! We did it with a girl called Brooke from California who was cool, and the teacher was awesome! He was so funny, its hard to explain but he spoke really quickly, not very clearly and stared at you! But he was ace! For those of you who have seen the film Dude Wheres my Car, he often said 'an deeeen' like the woman on the drive through at the Chinese food place! lol We chose what we wanted to cook: Hot & Sour Soup, Chicken & Coconut Soup, Yellow, Green & Red Thai Curries, Spring Rolls, Pad Thai, Chicken & Cashew Nut Stir fry, Sticky Rice with Mango, Coconut Krisp and Coconut Jelly!!! So we had lots of ingredients to buy when we toddled off to the market this morn with our little wicker baskets! The whole day was great, and yes, we have both said that we will be cooking for friends and family when we are home! (Yes Mum (mandy) I will do some cooking!!) :-p That took us all day and we have a couple of hours now before the Muai Thai fight which I am really looking forward to watching so we are off for a quick Thai Massage so will catch you guys later take care love to all V & G xxx
Oh quick p.s! I've done it! I've done the toilet thai stylie! ha ha ha Only number 1 tho not convinced about the old number 2's!!

Hey back again - wrote the above y'day and was waiting to load pics before publishing the blog but havnt got round to it yet! Well, the Thai Massage we had was lovely! It was a full body, 1 hour massage from Blind people which was recommended by the Guest House. Was a bit freaked out at the beggining but the massage and the people were great. The Thai Boxing wasnt all that amazing (we went with Brooke from the cooking course), but I have some great videos which i will upload later of a few rounds between two girls of prob about 15yrs, one looked to be heavyweight and the other feather weight! The big girl was pummling her little head but she stuck with it, turned it around and one the fight! Really impressive! It ended with a free Cabaret show which we caught the start of - vile! Men, dressed as women, asses hanging out of sequined dresses - our que to leave! lol Today we just did some exploring which involved hours of walking but we saw two great temples and caught some sun which was nice. It seems much hotter today tho and no breeze! We have managed to get ourselves on a 3 day Trek which leaves tomorrow. The one we wanted to do was in an exclusive are to our Guest House so no other tourists but as there is only 3 of us going, we have to go to the Touristy bits :-( but it still involves the Elephant trekking, bamboo rafting and stays with hill tribes which is cool. We have just got back from the Night Market and are off to pack for tomorrows trip! So excited! We are hoping to get all pictures, including the ones from the Trek posted on here on 1st April which will be our last day here in Chiang Mai. Ok we are really going now as this Blog is HUGE!! Hope everyone is well back home love V & G xxx


28th March 2008

so far so good!!!!!!
I am so pleased that you are both still enjoying yourselves, enjoy every moment, keep going and be safe !!! julie (mum)
29th March 2008

Hi Guys, Great blog, you are certainly seeing some memorable sights, people watching and the cookery course sounded great. Really looking forward to tasting your thai dishes when you come home! Sounds like you have alot to look forward to. The itinery sounds great, you are going to some really interesting places. Hope it all lives up to your expectations and that you enjoy it. Can't believe it has been a week since you left, the place is really quiet Vic! Missing you loads but glad you are having such a good time. Bye for now, fondest love Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
29th March 2008

I am loving reading this! You better keep it up! And I want to see many pics on here on Wednesday. I hope that the trek is going well, methinks you will love it. You didnt say what the food was like after you made it?? Surely that was the most important bit...haha. Anyway hope you are having fun fun fun. Lots of love
30th March 2008

all sounds great
Hi Vic Hi Guy, Sure sounds like you are having a great time. Looking forward to seeing more pics soon. Love you loads Sue xx Will add another comment when I seen your photos xxx
30th March 2008

Keeping in touch!
I am fascinated with the blog, it brings you so close keep it going. You have done and seen so much in one week can't wait for our Thai dinner evening! I have bought the sarong and flowers for my hair already. The train journey passed with not alot of comment I take it you must have slept most of the way. You look so happy in the pic's. Love and miss you as always, Nanny xxxxxxxxxx
1st April 2008

Really dont know what u 2 a raving a bout just sounds like a night out in brighton! Just kidding, sounds amazing, i know how much i liked it when i was there. Speak to ya soon Aaron x

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