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August 6th 2007
Published: August 10th 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

Today was a strange day - some unfortunate things happened but there was an overall okay vibe.

We woke up and had a really good breakfast at the hostel (Eagle House 1) and sorted out our things to send home. We then took it all out and got quite stressed finding the Post Office - as roadnames are very confusing and rarely labelled, there was a market going on and the traffic was crazy. We also had an unhelpful map. When we finally found it our package cost 20GBP, which was more than we thought it'd be! Was nice to offload all of that stuff though, our bags are much easier to carry and less likely to break.

This was the day that we spent two hours trying to rescue blog entries - we felt like we should be out there enjoying our time there but knew how much time we'd spent on this and how important it was to try. I'm so relieved that they've mostel been found now.

We then wound down with a bottle of Chang each, then went for a walk around the town. We went to look at Wat Chedi Luang, which is an enormous crumbling pink-brick temple which was hit by an earthquake in 1545. It was amazing to see - massive and intimidating, with big statues guarding the entry points. There were also brilliant stone elephants along the middle of the building. Much of it was damaged, but that only made it more awe-inspiring that it had been through so much so long ago.

There was a thing called 'Monk Chat' alongside this building where you could go and converse with a monk in English and ask whatever you wanted to know about their lives. I wanted too but couldn't think of anything to say. We're going back on the tour though, so I may next time.


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