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January 9th 2007
Published: January 9th 2007
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Well this mesasge is from Oliver so don't expect it to be quite as elegant as writings from Dorien but here it is. First order... we got our bags. Never been so excited to strap on an orversized back pack with a guitar strapped to it. Bangkok was a mad house, walking throught the streets was a constant strain on the reflexes. Around every blind corner and ones not so blind was a motorized vehical waiting to run you down......(then ask "you want Taxi") The smells wafting around from every street vendor, resturant and favorite urinal corner was overwhelming at times. A strole down one city bolck would reveal sometimes dozens of small businesses, all competing for your attention. There would be mechanics working on cars practically on the busy streets, behind them the wife and kids would be mending shoes and talking to the street vendor whos selling grilled chicken parks we generally make into gravy then strain. Despite the overpopulation of the city it was suprisingly clean and the cars were all suprisingly new and in good shape. At least newer and in better shape than anything that i have ever owned. But being Dorien and I are not what you would call "city folk" we took a taxi half way to the train station (a ride the would put most video games to shame) but because the traffic was so bad the driver dropped us off at the subway station yet we some how ended up on the sky train and then having to walk about a mile or so to the station, which was right in the middle of the city. We then jumped on an overnight sleeper train and ended up here (Chang Mai) this morning, we have pictures but they will have to be submitted next time.

Despite my video camera quiting the good fight today (broke) things are great. Dorien and i have been getting along well despite her inevitable over analyzing everything. she won't like me saying that . see what i mean! Chang Mai is nice (a little touristy) but we are leaving soon to head into the wilds. We will give more detail later. Thanks for bearing with me and reading this far down. Hope all is well..................Oliver


9th January 2007

You Want Taxi?
Congratulations on getting to (and OUT OF) Bangkok! So looking forward to the photos and furthur entires! And Dorien, so bummed we didn't cross paths in Homer. We can overanalyze, wait, I mean engage in fruitful discussion about why later! Cheers!
9th January 2007

Excellent, Well done Shlur. Good to hear your adventures. If their taxi driving is anything like India, I appreciate you're alive to write. xo
9th January 2007

Hello you two, good to see both of you contributing, Oliver your writing is fine and paints a very interesting picture of Bangkok. I am glad you are out of the city, I look forward to pictures, stay safe and have a wonderful day, loves ya, MOMXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOO
11th January 2007

i mean seriously that is like a once in a lifetime trip like is said U R SOOOO LUCKY... *screams in jelously* LOOK, one of you has to teach me how to make a blog!... *smiles and laughs maniacly* =P SEAN sandberg P.S. have a good time ... FINE my mom made me say it I e U
13th January 2007

Wandering Minstrels
My first entry to your blog. Did I do something right in rasing you that lends itself to two siblings in their early 20's actually travelling together? Glad you escaped the madhouse of Bangkok and i haven't heard any thing more in 2 days. What's up? Meeting lots of locals plus foreign travellers? $ holding out? Bet you like the Baht exchange. love, dad
15th January 2007

star poop
this is awwsome! it is like i am almost their. so do you remember in the airport and we were trying to get the last picture before the adventure? it made me think.... do you think that the police would continue to take pictures to get a good mug shot? ( with my eyes open) first day of class is monday- i am ready! where is your next stop? monica says hi and she like the site- but yes we want pictures!!!! love ya sis
24th January 2007

OK, I'm new to this blog thing too but I'm more successful than your dad at finding the most recent entries Great pictures. Sounds like lots of fun and a great experience. Don't pick up any strange unwanted microbes. Hope you're having a great time. Love, Joanne

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