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We had our first day at the orphanage today and it was lets say an experience! So the day started with a rather early wake up (we're still adjusting to the time difference! Especially seeing as on Sunday we didn't get up til midday!) and breakfast of black yellow leaf tea and what Hannah described as a chocolate version of a pink panther biscuit! Then we met prachit and walked over to the bus stop where a yellow and green truck type thing with no doors picked us up and took us the 40 (yes 40!) minute journey to the Viengping Orphanage! On arrival all volunteers (of which we've met one - who is from Finland and is very friendly) sign in and passports are scanned etc. The orphanage is built on a massive stretch of ... read more

Hi Everyone, So we finally made it to Chaing Mai after two rather hot and busy days in Bangkok! Our hotel room is lovely and the weather up here, although much wetter, its much cooler (28-30 degrees unlike Bangkok which was BOILING at a steady 34-36 degrees ALL THE TIME!!). We have never appreciated the coolness of English weather so much before! Bangkok, although a rather dull and dreary city at first glances, is actually full of life and injections of colour! These people value the state of their temples and massive golden buddas above and beyond anything else. Every other temple we went into was having restorations of some sort done (including the temple of the sleeping budda where we managed to get lost...inside the temple!). Thai culture is very calm and friendly (even though ... read more

I am sure there are "authentic" hill tribe villages out there, at least in terms of their rustic appearance: thatched roof houses with mud floors and people adorned in colorful apparel. (But we did see a few people traditionally garbed and gathering mushrooms in the forest while carrying their children in little baskets on their back). However, it is perhaps no surprise that I have mostly seen such hill tribe tradition only in photographs, travel blogs, at museums or (in terms of dress) around places where tourists congregate. (For example, I see more people dressed up in various hill tribe gear in Bangkok and Chiang Mai in tourist zones than I have ever seen going around the countryside, but I haven't spent that much time in the countryside yet.) On my recent trip driving Honda scooters ... read more
Solar power!! But no electricity otherwise.
The best of hilltribe based agriculture

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai » San Kamphaeng December 29th 2010

Christmas in Chiang Mai From Seoul to Bangkok, Angkor Wat to Halong Bay, and Luang Prabang to the jungles of Laos, it is safe to say that we have had an amazing first half of our journey. Our return to Thailand was met with enthusiasm and eagerness as we began the second half of our great adventure. Coming down from our high of The Gibbon Experience, we crossed the Mekong River thus crossing from Laos into Thailand. We were pleasantly surprised when we found that our new friends Nate and Caitlin from Tree House 3 were not only on our mini bus to Chiang Rai, but also had plans to stay there for a couple of days. For us, Chaing Rai became a place to reconnect, even though we were only gone for a few nights. ... read more
Thai entertainment
Hike to Khunkorn Waterfall
Hike to Khunkorn Waterfall

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai » San Kamphaeng December 19th 2010

our last 2 days in Chiangmai we decided to spend trekking through the jungle so we booked - got picked up at 9:30am put in a truck with 7 other people and off we went. first stop was a Market for fresh supplies for our lunch/tea.......then drove for about 45 minutes up through the countryside the views were amazing. then we came to an elephant farm where we all got taken on elephant ride through the forest and across a river.....we bought some bananas for our elephant Mamun, and she was one hungry elephant- her trunk kept reaching up for we gave her the whole lot......there was one baby elephant walking with us that was scared to go in the river but once it was in was loving it- it kept flinging itself around in ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai » San Kamphaeng December 19th 2010

time for another update........... right so since I spoke to you last we've been hanging out about in Chiangmai riding bikes and seeing lots of Buddhist monks wandering around...and drinking more beer and eating the most amazing food I've ever tasted- I am in love with thai food!!! so much so I'm going to do a cookery course so I can eat this way when I'm back home!!! the night after our last post we walked into town thinking we were being clever taking a shortcut and got completely lost......and didn't have my trusty map we ended up wandering around for well over an hour all the time we were saying 'I totally recognise this place - the main street is just round this corner' nope still not....just round this one....nope aaaahhhhh totally lost!!!! we ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai » San Kamphaeng December 13th 2010

We got to our hotel which is the cutest hotel ever, its ran by 5 locals and is in a residential area but they have the place looking so nice with little trinkets and old fashioned furniture everywhere, and their pet cats wandering round they're so cute.......its total luxury with air con AND a hot shower.....seriously living like king and queen!!!!! the hotel is quite a walk away from the touristy bit but only 15-20mins so we had walk to find some chang and food (we are loving the chang mind) there was a night market on that actually filled the streets it was hard to find the end - we found a nice place to eat that was ran by what can only be described as a womanman (he definitely wasnt a lady nor a ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai » San Kamphaeng December 12th 2010

we left our amazing hotel in kanchanaburi and walked to the train station which wasnt too far but in the blistering midday sun it felt like it took forever........when we got to the train station we found out the train to bangkok was 2 hours delayed - obviously thats our luck - but we had plenty time before our 10pm train to chiang mai so we sat and waited and in true liddle style i fell asleep on the bench, i think i actually really do just have 2 settings - stop and go, as soon as i sit still for longer than 5 minutes i fall asleep no matter where i am!!!! much to the annoyance of lee..... so 2 hours later the train arrives we get a seat and on our way to bangkok. ... read more

We arrived in Chang Mai and headed straight to our hotel by taxi. The hotel was awesome compared to all the rest. We had people carrying our bags, tea whilst checking in (so much sugar, but still), had someone to show us the apartment, huge modern room and even a pillow menu. The classy stuff all for cheaper than the hostel room in Amsterdam. After traveling for about 26hours, we were both shagged beyond belief, headed for the night markets and a bite at Dukes, then a 30min neck massage ($7). Back to the hotel, the turn down service (of our bedding) was a nice touch with a flower on each of our pillows, and a card wishing us a good night’s rest. It must of worked too, because we managed to sleep until 2pm. Damn. ... read more
They have nice incense too
You can see many generations in this one
Gate into Chang Mai

Ok i am so many weeks behind this now that there really isn't much point in me writing it all out. All i can say is that i had an amazing time and did so many stupid/random/idiotic/ill-advised/foolish/not thought through things that i have the cuts, bruises and "eeeech" moments. I will give a round up when i get a chance to have a good hour and a bit to sit down and just write but i am off to go see some Tigers now and they appeal to me more than hurting my backsitting on the stupidly small chairs they have over Much love to you all and i hope this gave you a brief...very brief insight to what i have been doing... Lorcan XX... read more

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