January 19th - Day Fourteen in Thailand

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January 22nd 2018
Published: January 22nd 2018
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Today was definitely not what I had expected. We were all so excited to go to the beach, so the wake up at 530am wasn’t a big deal but…. then we found out that after our plane ride we had a bus ride. That bus ride was supposed to be “2 hours” which actually was more like 4 hours. Then we found out that we would have to take a ferry for 45 minutes which was actually a little more than an hour. Then we took a bus on the island to the hotel. It was about 12 hours of travel for our 3 day weekend. I immediately felt bummed. Dang we would only really be spending about one day at the beach. I immediately realize how selfish I was being. Here I was in one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, and I was cranky that I wouldn’t be there that long. How about I offer gratitude for what I was getting to experience and glorify God for His absolutely beautiful creation. Have a really become this entitled? Ugh. Not a part of me I liked, so I made it a point to fight every negative thought with gratitude from there on out even when my stomach wanted to destroy me on our forever long car ride. I named that saga “fear of diarrhea in sauna mini bus.” Seriously, stomach problems couldn’t have come at a worse time, but then I remembered my 10 hour bus ride on windy roads in Rwanda while I was sick with malaria. I would be fine. Absolutely fine. I just prayed for blessings over the food in my stomach (retrospectively of course) and offered some classic childhood hymns to sooth my soul.

When we arrived at the hotel I really began to miss my family. since the beginning of high school, I have been able to attend business trips with my parents which has been an absolute blessing. I reminisced on the first time I was handed a wet wash cloth after a long plane ride followed by the most refreshing fruit drink. The bliss was still there years later. I have been so blessed to experience such pampering, kindness, and beauty. I always initially feel guilty about being at these locations when so many others do not even get to travel. I feel like the rich, white Americans, a persona I really don’t like to exemplify, but I have found through conversations with many staff members that this is their main way of getting money back to their families. I try to see my whole experience as a blessing and pass on these blessings in one way or another to the staff at these resorts. I hope that in the future I am able to give more, love more, and find ways to pass on the blessings I have received in their fullest capacities.

I finished up my night with a warm, powerful shower. I have been so grateful for the shower we have at BCNC since I thought that I might be taking bucket showers this month, but the powerful shower at the hotel was so delightful. It was like a nice water massage! I was able to wrap up in a complimentary hotel robe and snuggle up on the bed on the porch. I listened to water trickle in the waterfall down below while I read my book. Yes, this is paradise!


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